Tuesday 6 March 2012

Putin and the Catholic Church in Russia

For Catholics, the main concern with the election of Vladimir Putin as President is the survival, growth and outreach to the various Orthodox churches. I therefore do not intend to voice either a pro- or anti-Putin stance. This political aspect does not concern this blog. What is definite however, is that the various Orthodox churches do dispense a sacramental life due to valid Holy Orders. What is also definite is that the Catholic Church has much common ground to work with the Orthodox in combatting a virulent secularism. The new Russian patriarch, Kirill has already spoken of this.

Pope Benedict meeting with a Russian Orthodox delegate in Rome

As such, it is imperative that the Catholic Church continue her dialogue with the Orthodox churches. Vast areas of joint cooperation are possible and necessary. A number of more recent positive signs include the Patriarch's good relationship with the Holy Father, the recent monument to Pope John Paul being erected in Moscow. Also, the proactive actions of the Russian authorities against activity that is contrary to the Gospel is encouraging. Is it possible that things are going one way in the 'West", and another in the "East"? God works in mysterious ways. 

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