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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Catholic Life in Scotland: A personal reflection

I was born a Catholic in Scotland in 1937, and baptized a week after my birth. During my formative years, I have no recollection of ever missing Mass on Sunday or holy days of obligation. On Wednesdays and Fridays we attended Rosary and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. At school I was given a thorough Catholic education from Primary through Secondary School. I became an Altar boy at St. Ignatius Parish where I lived when I reached nine years of age.

What was the Catholic Church like during the years of my youth? The church building itself was seen as a sacred place. It was God's house, so when you entered God's house, you left the world outside those doors. The silence inside the church was very apparent. People recognized that God was on his throne in the tabernacle, and many were already praying in silence with Jesus. This silence was evident at all Masses. The priests would tell us that the time for talking was outside after Mass. You had to show respect for those who remained after Mass to make their thanksgiving.

St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish. Photo © Diocese of Motherwell

Today there are things which cause me to grieve for the state of my Church , which I love so much. It seems as though Satan is running rampant. He is spreading confusion and sin, blinding the faithful to the truths of the Gospel. People have lost the knowledge and love of Jesus, and how he came into this world to suffer and die to redeem us and bring us to Heaven.

There are some in the Church today who think the Church is stifling their life style. They push for abortion and contraception, women priests and the abandonment of Christian morality. I pray that they might see that the only thing all of us need is God's love. To all those bound by sin I say, with God's love and His grace we can be set free from sin. Ask and you shall be made whole.

Another issue that concerns me is the abuse of the Blessed Sacrament. From communion in the hand to the proliferation of badly trained extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, the abuses are too many to fully document here. On more than one occasion, I have found the Blessed Host in a Hymn Book, or in the pew. Once I had to ask a person to take the host from his pocket and consume it. I could go on, but will leave you with this one thought: the greatest honor for a Catholic is not to be in the Sanctuary assisting the priest. It is to be able to approach the altar rail, if there is one, and to kneel in total adoration, as you receive Our Lord Jesus Christ and to contemplate the wonder of what He has done for you and what you have just received.

God bless,



Barona said...

Thanks Montford for your beautiful reflection on how you grew up in a Catholic environment; how the local church was so vibrant...

You points on where we have gone wrong are very well taken.

Young Canadian RC Male said...

Don't worry you all, I think that God will start to clean house, just like Jesus with his whip of cords this past Sunday in the NO gospel. Supposedly there will even be a minor or Chastisement as well.

furthermore, Fr.Z has famously coined the solution to the problem the "bioloogical solution." Simple, let the old fogeys who are heretics and lukewarm liberal catholics die off, let those "c"atholics who don't want to truly practice their faith leave and bring forth their own spiritual ills upon themselves (their free will right?), let the EF/TLM grow like crazy thanks to summorum pontificum and ecclesiae unitatem, and let the new younger JPII/B16 generation of priests and true Catholic laity take over the Church once again. How's that for a solution?

Freyr said...

Here's a solution...
Stop wishing they would all just die and go away or that God would punish them and evangelize them. "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"