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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Traditional Anglicans decline to join Rome

The Catholic Herald is reporting that the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) has decided to not join Rome. One can only speculate reasons why.  There does seem to be inner conflict given the TAC agreed in principle to move toward union with the Catholic Church in 2007. There may also be possible contentious issues with local Australian bishops that the TAC feels might undermine its mission. All speculation....


opit said...

Years ago, I was the son of a priest in the Church of England.
There you have a big difference in lives of clergy. Another would be levels of income.

Do you need to look further ?

Deborah Gyapong said...

This Catholic Herald story is inaccurate. Some bishops---not the majority of the TAC College of Bishops---held an illicit meeting, i.e. not in accord with the Concordat that governs the TAC, and announced this. In Canada the TAC body, the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada, by a two-thirds majority of clergy and lay people, is Ordinariate-bound.

The ACCC province divided into two dioceses late last year, one of them the Pro-Diocese of Our Lady of Walsingham is for those who immediately wish to enter the Catholic Church. Provisions have been made for all the parishes, fellowships or groups of this pro-diocese (temporary diocese) to be received in their respective Roman Catholic dioceses on April 15, Divine Mercy Sunday. Then they will operate as sodalities, or parishes-in-waiting, until they can join the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter as a Canadian deanery.

Thank you,

Deborah Gyapong
A member of the ACCC

Barona said...

Thanks Deborah on your clarification and update. My reading seemed that it was a TAC decision within the Australian section... is that part correct?