Friday, 29 December 2017

Franciscan homosexualist dissenter attacks Bishop Robert Morlino!

Ramon "Ramoncito" Razon of the Homo-Franciscan Holy Name Province continues his attacks upon the Church and Her teachings on the sanctity of human sexuality. Razon is an aggressive homosexualist dissenter. 

After Norms were published by the Diocese of Madison regarding funerals for notorious homosexual "unions", Razon launched an evil, fanatical, hateful, pro-homosexual attack on His Excellency, Bishop Robert Morlino. 

Friends, these hateful dissenters must be exposed as the deceivers they are. They need to remove themselves from "religious" life, from living off the widow's mite. 

This blog called out the dissent and errors of Razon and Seno in the past. For that we were labelled as "terrorist". As members of a religious Order it is not possible that Razon and Seno maintain a social media presence without permission from the leading homo-Franciscans at Holy Name Province.  

As we continue our celebration of Christmas, on this Feast of St. Thomas a Becket let us remember those faithful bishops who are persecuted for the Faith. Please keep Bishop Morlino in your prayers.

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Kathleen1031 said...

I'm behind the curve on this. Are you saying these are PRIESTS attacking Bishop Morlino? If so, what the heck!
These people are feeling the momentum, and they are doing what any good Communist does, making the most of their moment. Their hatred for anything good knows no bounds.