Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Luigi Capozzi, the Monsignor who was arrested by police with a bag of cocaine at a homosexual orgy in the apartment of Cardinal Cocopalmario, still holds his high ranking position in the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts.  

It is now over TWO MONTHS after this active homosexual was arrested, possessing cocaine. The above screenshot was taken this afternoon, July 11, 2017. "Cocaine" Capozzi remains. 

Readers will know that due to pressure from the Vatican, "Cocaine" Capozzi was released and spirited away to Monte Casino by his protector, Cardinal Cocopalmario. Others are not so fortunate. A regular citizen who is arrested with a bag of cocaine will be charged, tried and sent to prison.

Not so for "Cocaine" Capozzi, who has the luxury of powerful friends in high places. Isn't it nice to see such friends going "out to the peripheries" to help this Judas-priest, this cocaine snorting sodomite who dared organize a homosexual orgy in the Vatican where a few hundred feet away St. Peter was martyred!? 

Edward Pentin was stymied by the homosexualist Roman authorities, their lackeys and allies, when he attempted to question the Holy See for further details on the drug-fueled homosexual orgy. This is a horrible manifestation of tyrannical clericalism at its worst! 

So despicable, so vile, are these "men" (?) that they refuse to reply. 

Dear friends, these people despise Christ and His Church. 

They despise you; hold you in contempt. 

They want you to keep your mouth shut, your head down, and to keep filling their coffers so they can continue to live high-flying, jet-set lifestyles. All topped off with sexual perversion, drugs and the like. 

It is time to close down the Vatican. It is time to hand over the vast art collection to lay administration and to drive the Curia out of Rome! 

Christ founded a Church of Apostles, not a bunch of art collectors, administrators, ne'er do wells, lay-a-bouts and parasites. 

These men are a disgrace to Our Lord and His Church. 

Our Lady of Fatima and Akita, pray for us! 

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