Friday 4 September 2015

LINDA GIBBONS: "why mom, when I have so much love to give..."

Disregard for the right to life, precisely because it leads to the killing of the person whom society exists to serve, is what most directly conflicts with the possibility of achieving the common good... It is impossible to further the common good without acknowledging and defending the right to life, upon which all the other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and from which they develop..." 

St. Pope John Paul II (The Gospel of Life, 72; 101)

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Suzanne said...

Somewhat related: this was the quote on my Catholic quotations blog this morning:

When Christ is denied all rights of citizenship, those same rights are denied to men; and when the "death of God' is proclaimed, the "death of man" is being planned as well.

--Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, (Pope St. John Paul II), Sign of Contradiction, 1977

(I schedule these months in advance and forget about them so they're always a surprise)