Wednesday 2 September 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Linda Gibbons is arrested in Toronto for witnessing for life outside abortion "clinic"

Many are the afflictions of the just, but out of them all will the Lord deliver them
Psalm 34:19

Linda Gibbons, our dear sister in Christ, was arrested today, just after 11:00.a.m., for witnessing for Our Lord and unborn babies. Linda was arrested after silent, prayerful witness on the sidewalk outside the east-end Hillsdale Morgentaler abortion mill. 

Linda arrived at 9:00 a.m., and began her powerful and silent testimony for life with her presence - before Our Lord and the mothers who would pass her by into the death chamber: "why mom, when I have so much love to give"? Sadly, I saw a number of women enter; they will leave without their child. Baby will be dead. Please pray for the babies. Pray for poor Canada. Pray for the misguided mothers. 

I will report in further detail later, but now is a time of prayer. I ask all readers to please join in prayer for our beloved sister, who dwells in a police cell. Linda is on a fast; can you fast too? Let us "be with" Linda in truth and in spirit. Let us be with her in prayer. Dear Linda, we love you.

[UPDATED: 8:57 a.m., 3/09/2015: a full eyewitness account may be read here.]


Anonymous said...

Prayers going up as requested.

Unknown said...

What law did Linda break?

Unknown said...

Abortion is MURDER!!! Come arrest me if you can't handle the TRUTH

Barona said...

Linda was quietly, silently strolling back and forth holding her little placard. She was arrested for doing that with a so-called "bubble zone". According to this "law" (court injunction) no one is permitted to protest within 500 feet of this abortion mill.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

It's a terrible injustice. How sickening when 78,000 people were allowed to protest in 353 locations in the U.S. and six foreign countries on Aug. 22 against abortion. I was in Denver among 570 people and there were no police any where, only one fussy security guard worried about us crossing the yellow line. What's even funnier is that the abortionist Savita Ginde in the fourth Planned Parenthood video lives in Denver, and on Aug. 9, 50 members of the Denver Bible Church held a "residential" protest outside her private home. No police showed up there either even though they held a huge sign saying "Savita, turn state's evidence! (against Planned Parenthood)" What a patient abortionist. You can read about it here: Planned Parenthood Videos Spark Protest of Biblical Proportions
May God bless you both, Linda, who went to jail, and Barona, who took the great pictures! Susan Fox

James Risdon said...

Here is a link to my editorial about this in the NB Daily Star. If you agree with the editorial, please share it on your social media pages. Thank you.

Editorial: ‘Bubble zone’ arrests mean pro-life movement needs a legal defense fund

There needs to be a legal defense fund in Canada to protect the rights of peaceful pro-lifers who get arrested for nothing more than expressing their opinions in public.

The latest example of such a travesty is the arrest of pro-life protester Linda Gibbons on a Wednesday morning a week or so ago. Above a column, the National Post claimed: “This protester has served 10 years and seven months in jail and no one cares”.

Well, it’s certainly true that Ms. Gibbons has spent all that time in jail. But it’s certainly not true that no-one cares.

As Canadians, we care a lot more abortion than the mainstream media seems to think we do. When the our legal system feels the need to arrest such people as Linda Gibbons, a small, elderly woman whose only “crime” is to exercise her constitutionally-protected rights of freedom of expression and freedom of religion by silently protesting abortion, most Canadians instinctively realize that this is absolutely ridiculous .....

Read the rest of this editorial on the NB Daily Star news website at:

Barona said...


An excellent editorial. Yes, we need to challenge these fascistic laws.

I have posted it to my Facebook page: