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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Linda Gibbons versus the spirit of Adolph Hitler's Enabling Act

Light versus Darkness

Linda Gibbons and her defense of human life has brought her into direct conflict with the State that has secretively (without parliamentary approval) brought various "permanent injection[s] against anti-abortion picketing and other activities..." 

Police are used by the State to enforce these injunctions irrespective that in doing so, human lives are being exterminated. Morality is in direct conflict with law. According to the all powerful State: the law reigns supreme, and will decide what is moral and what is not. In doing so, we have fascism. 

In 1933, on March 23, the Riechstag was addressed by Adolph Hitler prior to a vote on the Enabling Act - a bill that would grant wide powers "enabling" the government to begin the implementation of a dictatorship. The State would henceforth decide what was moral or not. We now have this with not only abortion, but with divorce, contraception and homosexuality. The post-Christian world is rapidly transitioning into an anti-Christian world. Evil only begets evil. 

At least the criminals who too over Germany had the courage of their convictions to ram their evil through parliament. The Canadian parliament could not even do that. 

The spirit of Canada's quasi-judicial and secretive
"Abortion Enabling Act" 

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Good post Barona. You certainly do live under a fascist state. The fact that Linda Gibbons went to jail in Canada for an act that 570 people committed on Aug. 22, 2015, in Denver, Colorado demonstrated that. We faced no police and only one grumpy security guard -- concerned about us crossing the yellow line -- said anything at all. No only that, but many of us continue to witness outside abortion clinics in the U.S. for 40 Days for Life. Larry and I are signed up for this Saturday September 26 at 11 a.m. I am confident we will be unmolested by the police.

Do you know that one U.S. pro-lifer on Twitter -- seeing my post on Mary Wagner's imprisonment (Canada's Shame: Peaceful Pro-lifers get Prison, Canadians Killed Seconds Before Birth) -- asked me if the piece was a joke? I assured her it was true. But you can see the difference because even some U.S. Pro-lifers do not believe you can go to prison for holding a sign outside an abortion clinic in Canada. It's no joke unfortunately. God bless you. Susan Fox