Friday, 7 November 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Archbishop Gadecki: there are those who would make Familiaris Consortio "ancient history"

H. G. Stanislaw Gadecki being interviewed by "Niedziela"
In an interview with Fr. Mariusz Frukacz of "Niedziela" a major Polish language Catholic news agency, His Grace, Stanislaw Gadecki has these words to say about the recent of the Synod of the Family, during a forum on Catholic education life in Czestochowa, Poland:  

"One must remember, that there is no one who can obtain control over the Holy Spirit".

"We are to be open to the Gospel, and not the media, in the manner in which they would wish. The Church in remaining faithful to the Gospels and to Christ, does not need any specific applause form the media". 

He also recalled that during the canonization of the late Pope, Pope Francis identified him as the "Pope of the Family". 

The Archbishop stated that there are voices that have appeared that consider Pope John Paul II and his Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio, "ancient history". 

"We must therefore keep repeating, that what the Church has proclaimed for centuries, and continues to carry on through new documents, is very important, the more we pay attention to the legacy of of John Paul the more we pay attention to the Gospel of the Family. In the proclamation of the Gospel  may the family stand in first place". 

(Trans. Barona)

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