Thursday 20 November 2014

Archbishop Gadecki's Blog on the Synod of the Family ~ many fathers said relatio "devoid of a solid foundation in Scripture and the Magisterium..."

Most English speaking Catholics are unaware that the Metropolitan Archbishop of Poznan, His Grace Stanislaw Gadecki has provided us copious observations of the Synod as it evolved. It is in Polish (but for non Polish readers, you can experiment with various translation aides, that will give you the gist of things). He documented many points of intervention by various Church father and provided us with detailed commentary on the relatio (which contained many numerous doctrinal and theological errors); as well as guided us through the post-relatio week, where so many Church fathers strove to correct the errors so as to make the final document better correspond to Catholic doctrine. 

During the week following the release of the scandalous relatio, the Archbishop documents the very strong criticism of the document on various levels: avoidance of the Magisterium, avoidance of sin, a false gradualness, seeking good in the intrinsically evil, and so on. A betrayal of the previous Synod on the Family, a turning away from Pope John Paul II and Familiaris Consortio, a refusal to draw from previous Church teachings, a refusal to accept Our Lord's words: Yes, yes - no, no". Preeminent in denouncing these evils was Cardinal Pell. 

The Archbishop wrote very strongly against the "ecumenical analogy" (subsitit in) of trying to compare elements of holiness to intrinsically evil relationships, which the Homosexualist and Adulterist Parties are trying to compare. On homosexuality, the Archbishop is emphatic: homosexual relationships cannot be accepted, not even so-called civil unions. He condemned the financial blackmail being used by powerful western forces to forces so-called civil unions of poor countries who are striving to uphold the Gospels. 

On Holy Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried, the Archbishop is firm: this is not sacramental, there is only one marriage, the irregular situation is "evil". They cannot receive Holy Communion. Again, the Adulterist Party proposed a false gradualness, avoided "sin", and departed from Church doctrine and the Gospel. 

A warning from Archbishop Gadecki: 

The fight is not local, it is global, it is a fight about "changing the teaching of the Church". Surrender on one point, will mean eventual surrender on all points of morality and doctrine. 

This raises an issue of surrender recently here in Canada. Archbishop Martin Currie of Newfoundland following the release of the un-Catholic relatio, called for recognition of these intrinsically evil homosexual civil unions. Now, he contradicts Archbishop Gadecki, who claims such unions are evil and are to be inadmissible by the State. One of these two men is wrong, one of them is a traitor to the Gospels, to Our Lord and to His Church. 

Archbishops Gadecki's 2014 Blog [source]

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

The traitor must be your Canadian archbishop. The pope himself also says that these unions cannot be recognized. I agree the Church is in a struggle for truth. Is is worse than in past centuries? Maybe it is because of the immediacy of the transfer of information. So heresy is transmitted all over the world instantly. IT's clear that the world has become confused over the Church's position because of these false cardinals attempting to hijack the synod. But I still believe it is beautiful to see the True Magisterium emerge in the words of numerous cardinals, bishops, priests and the laity in denouncing the false positions-- giving communion to the divorced/remarried and accepting homosexual unions. Ultimately, as in past centuries I believe that the Holy Spirit will triumph simply because I trust Christ's words, "I will be with you until the end of time."

The littlest and dumbest lay person can be infallible if he unites his mind and heart with the teaching magisterium of the Catholic Church, the Thinking of Jesus Christ, as taught by generations of Catholic priests, popes and laity. But the most important cardinal, and we have seen this in the U.S., is a fool if he separates himself from the teaching magisterium. Unfortunately, we have a few fools who attempted to hijack the Synod. They will fail. But it won't hurt to pray anyway. God bless you. Susan Fox