Friday 14 November 2014

Anglican - Catholic ecumenical "dialogue" at St. James' Cathedral in Toronto, was "diabolical".

This is the first time that I have ever produced a post consisting of a comment in the combox. However, it is so important, I believe it needs to be told. Readers may be aware of my strong criticism of the so-called Anglican-Catholic dialogue. Having an English Catholic mother, whose mother was an Anglican, I am well aware of Anglicanism. 

From "Annonymous" 

I am 34, and was (the youngest person) in attendance at the event and the reception afterwards. There are two words to describe what went on that night: diabolical disorientation. I am very very familiar with the inner workings of these committees and and the people on them, both bishops and "bishopettes". Those on the Roman side involved with this "dialogue" are syncretists of the first order. It is very interesting to note that the ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter was sitting in the congregation and the EXISTENCE of the ordinariates - the most healthy and faithful fruit of the ecumenical dialogue - was not even mentioned, and I did overhear some people mocking the ordinariate at the reception.

UPDATE: [2014-11-15] Further commentary on this "ecumenical dialogue" may be read at Vox Cantoris. 

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Unknown said...

Ecumenism is just another form of relativism, but applied to the context of ecclesiology.