Monday 17 November 2014

African priest: Africa opposes homosexuality not because it is "taboo", but because it is "repugnant to right reason...God's intention"

Fr. Leo S. I. Mwenda, a young Dominican priest from Kenya recently published a letter that responded to Cardinal Kasper's criticism of the Church in Africa, as well as the mid-term relatio's treatment of homosexuality, cohabitation and Holy Communion for the civilly "remarried". Key passages on homosexuality include: 

In my country, Kenya, which is probably the second most secularized country in Africa (after South Africa), the media is awash with debates on the possibilities of legally recognizing homosexual associations. Of course, the homosexual activism is being funded by similar groups in North America and Europe. Some of our people have been made to believe that this is what progress means, but fortunately the public mood is still opposed to the homosexual agenda. We in Africa have no apologies to make to anyone about this attitude—not because it is a taboo, as Kasper would put it, but because homosexuality is repugnant to right reason and contrary to God’s intention for human sexuality.

....Any attempts to conform with the spirit of the world does not improve the Church, but in fact kills her. … The reason why compromise with the world makes the Church deteriorate rather than blossom is because of what Paul describes as “beginning with the Spirit but ending in the flesh” (Gal 3:3). It is a different kind of “gospel” that drives the spirit by the body and not the body by the Spirit. Too much immersion into materialism and fanning of bodily appetites obscures the spiritual end for which man is created: God. This is not Gnostic dualism, because living in the spirit is what places our bodies and the materiality of this universe into their proper place in the economy of salvation. We preach Jesus and him crucified, because it is the Cross that finally becomes the doorway to Jesus Christ glorified....

I do not underestimate the sufferings of people who have found themselves with homosexual orientation (whether acquired by nurture or of biological origin), especially when they want to remain faithful to the Gospel of Christ received through the Church. We do not help them by denying their cross. We deny their cross by falsely purporting that their orientation is not a disorder. We deny their cross by falsifying the eternal truth about marriage as ordained by God and written in the book of nature, so as not to “hurt” the feelings of our brothers and sisters living with this orientation. When we deny their cross, we blind them with an illusory contentment that only frustrates them because in the depth of their being, they know that they are being lied to or they are lying to themselves. On the contrary, when we charitably acknowledge their cross we fill them with a courageous hope that earnestly looks forward to the deliverance of God. Their sufferings become redemptive.


James the Convert said...

When approached in this manner of speech there is no argument against it. Succinct, logical and reasonable.

LWC said...

"We deny their cross by falsely purporting that their orientation is not a disorder"

Indeed the priest demonstrates a poor understanding of God's design.


JTLiuzza said...

Yes J. Boanerges. I hear this used to be how Catholic prelates spoke.

With forthright, orthodox presentations like this one, the good Father Mwenda might soon find himself exiled by Pope Humble.

Anonymous said...

Praise be to God for the voice of His Holy Spirit has passed through the mouth and over the tongue, teeth and gums of Blessed Father Leo S. I. Mwenda! A truly enlightened and holy man of God!!! God bless you Father!!! In witness to the Will of God our Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you will indeed be installed as Pope of Christ's Church seated in Rome at the Vatican one day! Guiding the holy brothers and sisters of Christ, and speaking love and compassion to these poor souls damned by homosexuality - because true love and compassion for those destroying their promise of eternal life, is too stop them from murdering themselves by allowing them to think it is good to sin these "gay mortal sins!" Today's western secular approach of denying God and promoting homosexuality as somehow "normal" or in any way good, is just doing the work of Satan disguised as "tolerance." Tolerance for what? Evil! Our LORD Jesus Christ whipped people for selling pigeons on the porch on the street in front of the Temple. He did not tolerate any evil deed. He even made a verbal threat to anyone that would cause a child to commit a sexual sin or any mortal sin. Fr. Leo S. I. Mwenda is just reminding us of Christ's promise of the Millstone around the neck for people who suffer from this violent "homosexual" perversion.