Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Friday, 5 July 2013

Pope Francis is joined by Benedict XVI for the Consecration to St. Michael

The Holy Father, with his special guest giving public profession of unity,
and devotion to St. Michael to defend the Church against the forces
of Darkness.
What a joyous moment to see the former Supreme Pontiff, Benedict XVI joining the reigning Holy Father, Pope Francis for the consecration of the Vatican to St. Michael the Archangel in the Vatican Gardens. 

The text of the Holy Father's is most interesting: replete with references to the powers of satanic darkness, the Holy Father is deeply aware that his combat against the infiltrators, the "gay lobby" and other internationalist forces lurking in Rome and throughout the Church will only be overcome with the power of God, and on God's timetable. Will these evil forces continue to wreck havoc within the Church? In a sense, yes - until the end of time. But also, God moves to purify His Church during this period of Grace. 

The Holy Father's text is extraordinary when one considers then Pope Benedict's reference to the "filth" in the Church, to the Holy Father's more recent comments on satanic influence, and the diabolical "gay lobby" within the Curia itself. 

The new encyclical, Lumen fidei (openly professed by Pope Francis to be mostly the work of Benedict as further enunciated by H. E. Marc Cardinal Oullet), the public remarks by Pope Francis regarding his revered predecessor, the warm embrace at Castel Gandolfo; and now the public joining together for the Consecration to St,. Michael. This puts an end to the evil lies of a rift between the two men; truly this vicious rumor comes from  nowhere else but the pit of hell, through the various mouthpieces of Satan himself. 

May God bless and strengthen our Holy Father in his war against evil. 

"In the Vatican Gardens there are several works of art. But this, which has now been added, takes on particular importance, in its location as well as the meaning it expresses. In fact it is not just celebratory work but an invitation to reflection and prayer, that fits well into the Year of Faith. Michael - which means "Who is like God" - is the champion of the primacy of God, of His transcendence and power. Michael struggles to restore divine justice and defends the People of God from his enemies, above all by the enemy par excellence, the devil. And St. Michael wins because in him, there is He God who acts. This sculpture reminds us then that evil is overcome, the accuser is unmasked, his head crushed, because salvation was accomplished once and for all in the blood of Christ. Though the devil always tries to disfigure the face of the Archangel and that of humanity, God is stronger, it is His victory and His salvation that is offered to all men. We are not alone on the journey or in the trials of life, we are accompanied and supported by the Angels of God, who offer, so to speak, their wings to help us overcome so many dangers, in order to fly high compared to those realities that can weigh down our lives or drag us down. In consecrating Vatican City State to St. Michael the Archangel, I ask him to defend us from the evil one and banish him. "
"We also consecrate Vatican City State in St. Joseph, guardian of Jesus, the guardian of the Holy Family. May his presence make us stronger and more courageous in making space for God in our lives to always defeat evil with good. We ask Him to protect, take care of us, so that a life of grace grows stronger in each of us every day. "

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