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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pelosi Catholics

I ran across this at Fr. Longenecker's blog and it seems to fit this particular type of Catholic so well. Let's face it... Nancy Pelosi has really gone out of her way to make herself the archetype of this brand of Catholic. So here's to you, Nancy... this one's in your honour.

Pelosi Catholics is not just correct, it is a terrific – if unintended – pun. In Italian, the adjective “peloso”, of which “pelosi” is the plural, means “hairy”, but it has also the connotations of dishonesty and self-serving pseudery conveyed by the English “greasy”. So: Pelosi Catholics are greasy [pseudo] Catholics.

A cultural cradle Catholic, the Pelosi Catholic mistakes their tribal ethnicity for the Catholic faith. 

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