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Sunday, 14 July 2013

EXCLUSIVE: The Popes and Super Cars!!

Pope John XXIII's Ferrari 196-S (the Pope was lowered into
the car with a small derrick) 
Pope Paul VI's 1966 Lamborghini Miura
parked at the Apostolic Palace
Then Cardinal Wojtyla's traveling "library" in Krakow
Pope John Paul II's last car: the Bertone Birusa
(eventually gifted to Cardinal Bertone by his successor) 
Pope Benedict's Mercedes Benz SLR- McLaren outside Castel Gandolfo
Much has been made in recent days about Pope Francis' comments on cars. We publish here a number of photos of papal cars from over the years. Usually when people think of cars and Popes, they think of the so-called "Popemobile". Well, there is a sporty - even, at times quirky - side to the Popes (e.g. Cardinal Wojtyla's use of a police van) - and here we publish a few examples. Pope John XXIII in a Ferrari - the stuff of legends! Enjoy!

Witness congratulates Pope Francis on his excellent choice of a Pagani Zonda (see below) - customized for street use! 

No doubt about it: the Popes have always had a great taste in cars! 
Then Cardinal Bergoglio's 170 Mercedes parked
on a back street in Buenos Aires
Pope Francis' Pagani Zonda - for runs between
Rome and Castel Gandolfo 

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Freyr said...

Calling the device used to lift Pope John XXIII into his car "a small derrick" is most base calumny of the worst kind! It was a Hoyer Lift and is a standard piece of equipment.