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Friday, 19 July 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis is "embittered" after betrayal by the "Gay Lobby"

The Polish press is reporting that our Holy Father is "embittered" by the betrayal of his advisors in the question of the appointment of Monsignor Ricca as a "prelate" for the Institute of Religious Works. Ricca's connections with the Vatican Bank are further suggestive of that institution being controlled - Polish press reports indicate - by the "Gay Lobby". 

As such, Fr. Lombardi protestations to the contrary does not bring closure to this issue, but begins to stink of another coverup. The question now can be raised: who advised the Holy Father? How extensive is this pack of wolves? Were possible advisors deceived by "others".... the questions are many. We know one thing: there is a powerful "gay lobby"; it must be rooted out.


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