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Monday, 21 January 2013

Vatican Cardinal denounces violations of the Liturgy

The Prefect of the Congregation of the Divine Liturgy, in an interview with Vatican Insider, had this to say in reference to the state of the liturgy. Significantly Antonio Cardinal CaƱizares Llovera identified "errors" in faith as a factor in warping the liturgy. This is a gentle way of saying:"heresy". The tragedy deepens, as the wayward priest infects his parishioners with his distorted sense of "faith". Even the Daily Mass on Canadian television did not escape corruption; with priests improvising and even tampering with the words of Consecration and the Offertory. These latter abuses have been rectified: the question remains - how many parishes out there have priests who are corrupting the Liturgy, the public prayer of the Church? 

What do you think is the situation of the Catholic liturgy across the world? Is the time of violations over?

 “ I mentioned the need to further the liturgic renewal proposed by the Second Vatican Council, which is a clear sign of the state the Catholic liturgy was in worldwide. The liturgy is not going through a happy time. Obviously it is necessary to revive the true sense of the liturgy in Christian life and in the life of the Church. A lot has already been done, without doubt. But it has not been enough and it is therefore necessary to go much further, especially in order for the teachings of the Vatican II to enter into our own consciences, in other words in the consciences of the people who make up the Church so that the liturgy can become the centre of the Church, source and culmination of Christian life. Unfortunately, beside a certain degree of superficiality, attention to appearance and the risk to fall into routine habits, there are also many violations.  These violations are expressions of errors within one’s faith, which at the same time lead people to warp faith itself.  It is necessary to put the outmost effort into rectifying these violations and working towards the faith. This responsibility is one we have always had, but especially so now in this Year of the Faith. And this is particularly true for bishops”.

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