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Saturday, 12 January 2013

UNA VOCE TORONTO reviews the Liturgy of the Roman Rite

Toronto Traditional Mass Society~
Una Voce Toronto

A remarkable analysis of the liturgy and rubrical history of the Roman Rite is available at the blog of Una Voce Toronto (UVT). Over the past few months God has granted the Toronto Traditional Mass Society-UVT the opportunity to assist a number of priests in offering the Holy Sacrifice according to the more ancient usage of the Roman Rite.  The recent Rorate Mass being a fine example. A comprehensive review of the TTMS-UVT's activity by Mr. David Domet (President of the Society) was recently published by the well-know international blog, Rorate Caeli.

From the UNA VOCE TORONTO blog:

"Let us all be educated in these important matters to serve loyally and faithfully. Let us not make the mistakes either out of ignorance or intent as so often found in the Ordinary Form; "I did it, my way." Let us also respect though, the established norms of existing communities of faithful and the customs to which they or their priests have maintained. The dialogue. for example, should not be forced on any individual, where it is not the custom; on the other hand, neither should anyone be chastised for engaging in it.

The Toronto Traditional Mass Society--UNA VOCE TORONTO will enthusiastically assist any priest or server or individual with gaining a greater understanding of the ars celebrandi of this venerable Rite. You may write us at

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