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Friday, 18 January 2013

C. S. Lewis: 50th Anniversary Celebration

Readers - especially Catholics - are aware of G. K. Chesterton. However, we all should equally be aware of the great Christian apologist, C. S. Lewis. We'll try to delve a bit more into this great man's life and writings during this 50th anniversary year.  As a start, let us be content with celebrating  this man's genius and his prophetic insight.  

C. S. Lewis
Society is collapsing under a wave of secularism. Cultural Christianity is all around us. Lewis wrote trenchantly against this phenomena. I myself have to struggle on a daily basis with this disease. After all, throw an apple into a basket of rotting apples and see how long it takes before they are all rotten. Put it another, and more contemporary way: Cardinal Wuerl speaks of a "tsunami" of relativism, secularism that has swept across the Church. He is dead on. So many Catholics may even go to Mass, but they live like hell when they leave the church. Outside of church most Catholics have become so brutalized, so secularized (even those who go to the Latin Mass!) that they are indistinguishable from the materialist. Catholics must once again live the Mass. 

Proposition 35 of the Synod of Bishops nails this right down: 

Evangelization in the Church calls for a liturgy that lifts the hearts of men and women to God. The liturgy is not just a human action but an encounter with God which leads to contemplation and deepening friendship with God. In this sense, the liturgy of the Church is the best school of the faith.

Message to the People of God, 2012: 

We, however, should never think that the new evangelization does not concern us personally. In these days voices among the Bishops were raised to recall that the Church must first of all heed the Word before she can evangelize the world. The invitation to evangelize becomes a call to conversion.

Conversion: this is the only way out from the "tsunami" of secularism. 

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