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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bishop Williamson threatened in November 2012 to consecrate bishops

For those following the Rome-SSPX situation - as we do at Witness - Bishop Richard Williamson threatened last November that he could foresee a future in which he would be ordaining and consecrating priests and bishops. Unless Bishop Fellay reconsiders and begins again constructive action to return to Rome, all will be lost. Was it not the Abbe de Nantes who predicted decades ago that after Archbishop Lefebvre's break with Rome "nothing good will come out of the SSPX" (I may be paraphrasing, but the point is there)? Let us hope the now deceased Abbe was be wrong. However, the seeds of Williamson's rebellion go back to the late seventies when the SSPX seminary was harbouring students who were of a sedevacantist intent. This then led to the eventual expulsions after internal friction (incidentally the Archbishop's theological advisor from the Council, Canon Berthod left the seminary after he became aware of such students being allowed to stay there). Let us not forget that Williamson was student in the seventies during this period.  His admits a Pope on paper, but in action behaves as if the See of Peter is empty. Please pray for the SSPX and for Bishop Williamson. 

On November 10, 1012 in his Kyrie Eleison Comments "Marcellus Initiative", Williamson offered us the first public glimpse as to his future directions:

By hook or by crook, tomorrow’s Congregations and seminaries must keep their grip on reality, and not get lost in dreams of how “normal” they are, or need to be. Can it be done ? With God’s help, yes. But God is God, and for the salvation of souls tomorrow it may be that he will no longer resort to the classical Congregation or seminary of yesterday. For myself, I shall attempt to follow his Providence in the ordaining of priests - or in the consecrating of bishops. God’s will be done. 

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