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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Catholic teachers Union is big on "sex", but no time for protecting children

OECTA: militant "Catholic" teachers union has long been a supporter of homosexual activity 

The possible replacement of the 2015 Ontario Sex Education program should not be a time of rejoicing, nor should it bring us any consolation that children will not be exposed to grave evils and moral corruption. One group who should be opposed to sex ed more than any others is the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA). Unfortunately, OECTA is a viciously secular and militant hard-left union for over two decades. Children will not be protected by OECTA from corruption. In fact, OECTA has published documents that puts it members before the safety of children being abused by sexual predators. It goes without surprise, that OECTA has a very strong pro-"LGBT" propaganda position. OECTA firmly supports graphic and unnatural sexual indoctrination of innocent children in their latency period. Truly evil. 

OECTA member Christian Albini:
convicted sexual predator and pedophile 

As I have written consistently, it is passing strange that those who so publicly oppose "Wynne's" sex ed, were silent for years on the the previous Sex ed programs. Was it really about sex ed, or was it perhaps also about Wynne, and the "icky" sin of homosexual activity? Do we need reminding that masturbation,  fornication, unnatural sexual acts between members of the opposite sex, the use of contraception are always and everywhere - without exception - intrinsically evil, and therefore objectively always a grave mortal sin? 

The fact is, that the spread of homosexuality is piggy-backing on the immoral sexual ideology and behaviour of those who claim opposite sex attraction. Once contraception was accepted, the door was kicked wide open to homosexuality. 

Please pray for our young children, who have for decades been torn apart by ravenous wolves who are doing the devil's work. 

From Everyday for Life, Canada: 

The Ontario sex curriculum is part of the Health and Physical Education program in Ontario. The curriculum was implemented by the Kathleen WynneLiberal government in 2015. Ontario had an election and the new Progressive Conservative government led by Doug Ford has promised to withdraw the controversial curriculum. This is a good thing. However, just withdrawing the sex-curriculum isn't enough. This post tries to address the problem. We should also not forget that one of the architects of the sex-curriculum is convicted child predator Benjamin Levin.

To begin with, parents should not forget that the same Liberal government that implemented the controversial sex-curriculum also passed Bill 13, Accepting Schools Act. The legislation that legally backs the sex-curriculum is currently Ontario law. This is why repealing the sex-ed curriculum alone is not enough to protect Ontario children from indoctrination and what can only be described as state mandated confusion and abuse. No law should be used to sexualize children.

Please read the full article here. 

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