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Saturday, 28 July 2018

After McCarrick: who's next? ~ will Catholics get fooled again?

Theodore McCarrick, is no longer a Cardinal and is suspended a divinis. Since the late 1960s, Theodore McCarrick's rise in the hierarchy was nothing short of meteoric, advanced by fellow homosexuals in the hierarchy. 

McCarrick, however, made a "mistake". His homosexual inclinations went beyond "legal" dalliances with willing seminarians and fellow churchmen, to aggressive advances (de facto rapes) towards unwilling seminarians, and of underage boys. McCarrick probably would have gone to his grave a "hero"; lauded and wept over by high ranking Prelates in a televised Funeral Mass attended by hundreds of fawning cardinals, bishops and priests. Amongst them, would have been fellow homosexual infiltrators. 

Unfortunately for McCarrick, all was dashed when an exceptionally brave man stepped forward and exposed the rapist and practicing homosexual as also a pedophile. Quickly it emerged that hush money (the widow's mite) had been used to keep under wraps McCarrick's rapacious sexual lusts. Churchmen cared not that McCarrick was a practicing homosexual. 

I can tell you friends, that all along the east coast of the United States, in dioceses of considerable prominence, many Catholics know - and have known for decades - about McCarrick. They also know about a number of other very high ranking prelates who have same-sex attraction and have committed grave sins against chastity. 

I implore priests to stand up! To denounce these men! You must speak: these men are destroying, corrupting souls! You have a duty before Christ. Seek these men out: demand that they resign immediately, demand that they reveal the entire homosexual network. 

It was over 30 years ago that one American priest began speaking out about homosexual infiltrators. Fr. John O' Connor, a Dominican priest from Chicago, who, for his efforts, was eventually expelled from his Order, and then suspended from the priesthood. Time and history has proven Fr O' Connor correct. The same gang that persecuted O'Connor, is the same gang that promoted, protected and covered for McCarrick and others. They are still in control. 

Catholics: don't get fooled again!!! 


Anonymous said...

There are plenty more like McCarrick actively destroying the church institution from within ,along with the souls minds and bodies of the innocent and their families who suffer along with them.

M. Prodigal said...

Fr. O'Connor is the saint.. Meanwhile the modernist Vatican is going to "canonize"Paul VI...

Aqua said...

When Pope Benedict XVI resigned the active portion of his Papacy, he compelled those who replaced him to come into the light in positions of Church leadership. They must think their time has come, as they have grown quite bold.

But their sins only flourish in dark places and forgotten corners. And now, we know. There is no return. Their plans for the "conciliar Church" are crumbling into a radioactive pile. Completely unacceptable. They have no authority to act in this way. We see it clearly now.

I despise sodomite Clergy above all else on earth. This is a Clerical problem. Clerics, fix your problem!

Kathleen1031 said...

He is only the start. It is up to us to maintain the heat now.
We have a part to play. We cannot work from the inside exactly, but we can apply pressure from the outside and refuse to support this false church.
We have no idea what this will lead to, of course we don't, but this fake Satan church cannot continue, and why would we want to support it? No, out these men, keep bringing to light the fact that it is a homosexual disorder that is resulting in PEDERASTY, not PEDOPHILIA, which has always been a misnomer applied to cover for homosexuals. They are legion, Communists, Marxists, homosexuals, homosexual enablers, Masons, all of them destroyers, destroying lives and our beautiful faith. They are robbers.
We can keep talking about this, keep helping and encouraging insiders to do the decent thing and start talking, and keep posting about it so it doesn't just go away.
Lord, help us in whatever way you will.