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Thursday, 4 January 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Fr John O'Connor on "gay liberation" and the Catholic Church

Fr. John O'Connor 
The prophetic Fr. John O'Connor gives us some background on how the homosexuals infiltrated seminaries and then the hierarchy to force the Church to accept gay ideology. As Fr. O'Connor points out, even the word "gay" is part of their ideology. "They don't want to be called queers, faggots and perverts, so they coined the word gay. But they are anything but gay...".

In reality, homosexuals are deeply disturbed individuals. Infantile and narcissistic, they are addicted to masturbation, oral and anal "sex", sado-masochism, coprophagia, anilingus and other disgusting perversions. Slowly, but surely, the evil of sexual depravity drives a person insane. 

Fr. O'Connor's talk is astonishingly prophetic, as we see that the homosexuals and their allies no longer even try to hide their opposition to the Church


Anonymous said...

...on a somewhat related topic, rumour has it that the relics of St. Francis Xavier will be coming to Toronto's gay-positive parish - Our Lady of Lourdes.

Barona said...

I believe you are correct regarding the travels of the relic.

Anonymous said...

I’ve never listened to anything so virulently hateful.

Barona said...

Anonymous 12:38. I have never listened to anything so prophetic.