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Sunday, 21 January 2018


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not come out as a militant supporter of the "LGBT" agenda last week. He did not come out as a rabid abortion advocate yesterday. Justin Trudeau did not come out as a strident euthanasia supporter this morning. He did not come out as promoter of transvestites a minute ago. 

No! Justin Trudeau, has for YEARS - more than OPENLY - advocated for all these positions. More scandalously, the Bishops of Canada (with a few exceptions to the rule, such as Cardinal Collins' Open Letter) have been, and remain silent.

The Bishops even not so subtly campaigned for the pro-abortion, pro-LGBT agenda, pro-euthanasia Trudeau. When these bishops released their "election guide" they could not even bring themselves to mention the word "ABORTION". Canadians ended up becoming disenfranchised through the lack of resistance from these ineffectual, cowardly men. 

Suddenly, after all these years, Justin Trudeau has become "arrogant" in the eyes of Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB. Really? Is that all he is? 

Abortion, euthanasia, LGBT promotion, - this is not just arrogance - this is SIN. This is EVIL. Trudeau is EVILHe has the blood of babies on his hands! He promotes men having anal "sex" (SODOMY) with teenage boys. No, Justin Trudeau is a disgusting, vile creature. Trudeau is arrogant because he is evil.  

The Vox at the blog, Vox Cantoris accurately described Trudeau in this manner back in March of 2016: 
Justin Trudeau is a pathetic man. He is an egoist and an arrogant despicable cretin who has betrayed his baptism on some false notion of "Quebec values!" He is an incompetent. A snow-board instructor. A plebeian. A man unfit to govern a nation. A second rate school teacher and dramatist.
Things got so bad that I once asked: "is Salt and Light a propaganda arm for Justin Trudeau"? Last May, 2017, I wrote: 
I encourage readers to watch the entirety of the following video: it will show you the truly dark, demonic, fascistic, pro-abortion bent of Trudeau. Behind the buffoonery, the narcissistic selfies, the effeminate voice, there lurks the heart and soul of a totalitarian. 
Even the left-wing Toronto Star was able to call out Trudeau in 2014. But not our illustrious churchmen. Why? Are their minds even more warped and full of mush than leftist journalists? 

The Vox carries a detailed report on the latest decision by the Liberal Government regarding summer jobs programs. The Vox documents the years of open and known evil (especially the promotion of perverse and deviant "sex", bordering on the promotion of pedophilia) of Justin Trudeau's Liberal regime. Personally, cutting off some money for religious organizations is neither here nor there. Catholics should be going to the faithful for money, not to the taxpayers. The problem is the reason why Trudeau wants to cut them off:  they must take a pledge of loyalty to Trudeau's position on abortion.

Now, after all these years of silence, this decision by Trudeau not to give taxpayer money to organizations who do not sign off in favour of abortion, results in him being excoriated. Where were these people for the last five years and more as Trudeau promoted abortion, advocated lowering the age of consent for anal "sex" to 16? Marched incessantly in "Gay Pride parades" that promote homosexual behaviour? Why this sudden outrage? Why no strong opposition to abortion all these years? Is it money? Follow the money, dear friends. They love money, more than they love truth and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have a few questions for these churchmen: 

Where were they five years ago, when Justin Trudeau was a noisy, repugnant, anti-Christian member of Parliament? 

Where were they when he considered severing Canada as a nation, to protect abortion? 

Where were they when he came out as Liberal Party Leader and banned pro-life candidates? 

Where were they when he was running on an openly, militantly, pro-abortion and pro-LGBT agenda platform? 

Where were they when he was pushing euthanasia? 

Where were they when he rammed euthanasia through Parliament? 

Where were they when he spent most of last summer attending "Gay Pride Parades"? 

Where were they when he promised the homosexuals that he would lower the age of consent for anal "sex" to sixteen? 

Where were they when he announced a $650, 000, 000 abortion funding program? 

Where were they when Trudeau's hand-chosen atheist Governor General mocked religion? 

Where were they when he came out over the past week - time and again - in his town hall meetings in favour of  abortion and the LGBT agenda?

I will tell you where they were: they were SILENT. They were collaborators, they were encouragers, they were supporters, cheer-leaders, admirers!!!

Now, suddenly, they begin to complain about Trudeau when he begins to hit their money ticket. Well, dear bishops and priests of Canada: do you know why Trudeau and the Liberals are becoming more and more aggressive in their fascism? Because YOU did nothing, but sat back and enable him. Look in the mirror Your Excellencies and Reverend Fathers. Now you will begin to see why Trudeau is "arrogant". We Catholics are not interested in what you are saying about Justin Trudeau; we are interested in what you will DO about Justin Trudeau.

Last night I tweeted to the French language version of Salt and Light TV the following two tweets:

This morning, I discovered that I was blocked on Twitter by S + L. Apparently asking questions is a no-no for the organization that claims it is "a unique instrument of the New Evangelization". This is how they answer serious questions. You will notice the questions contained nothing personal, no ad hominem attacks. Dear readers, judge for yourselves.

For all of Fr. Rosica's very, very recent statements critical of Justin Trudeau, as of this morning, the Vatican "adviser" has yet to take down the following scandalous tweet: 

Another tweet, - very bizarre and strange - released a few hours ago by Fr. Rosica raises very serious questions. The most obvious question is: was Fr. Rosica one of those admirers? You, dear readers, decide. 

What kind of Christian would have "respect" for pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-LGBT agenda Trudeau?

What kind of Christian would have "admiration" for Trudeau and his years long promotion of intrinsic evil? 

No, Fr. Rosica it IS a Liberal decision (the Liberals chose Trudeau as their leader, and they chose to go down the path that he and his advisers want). Stop trying to defend the Liberal Party (which is OFFICIALLY pro-abortion). 

Trudeau was NEVER "open, inclusive and intelligent". He was always a vicious fascist. Trudeau would only "baffle" the mind of a fool or someone in denial.

Justin Trudeau is not "model"[ing], he is revealing just a bit more who he really is. The Catholic Church in Canada still cannot seem to detach itself from its sycophantic relationship with the deceptive, evil, pro-death Liberal Party of Canada. 

To close, I once again ask Fr. Rosica to remove the disgraceful tweets showing Justin Trudeau at "prayer" in the Sistine Chapel. 



Brian said...

There is an old phrase: "Asleep at the wheel". Our Canadian bishops for over 50 years have not even been "...at the wheel." They are gutless cowardly figureheads. They are not even in the ball park of at least striving to be "Confessors", that is defenders of the faith. They are successors to those bishops at the council who attempted to make a covenant with secular modernity. That rash move was certainly the greatest fool's errand in the history of the Church, perhaps in all history. Pope Pius XII, in the encyclical letter, Mystici Corporis, reminded the faithful what is necessary to be a Catholic in the full sense of the word. First one must be baptized, second one must have Catholic faith and lastly one must have that proper obedience to Magisterial authority. How many of our Canadian Catholic bishops would actually pass that Catholic smell test?

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Trudeau should be excommunicated, but that will not happen because as you point out there is mostly silence and compliance on the part of Church leaders in Canada. And to add to what you have posted, Trudeau lies when he talks about abortion being a right. I wrote a blog entry pointing out the fact that the propaganda phrase, "a woman's reproductive right," used by the culture of death activists is actually a big lie. The irony is that Canada has no law on abortion. This doesn't stop Trudeau from continuing to deceive Canadians. Readers can read my post here, http://everydayforlifecanada.blogspot.ca/2018/01/canadas-prime-minister-lies-about.html

Irenaeus said...

Sorry, but I'm not taking Fr. Rosica's words very seriously. His outrage, even if it is real, is just too delayed. There are more important things to think about.

Irenaeus said...

Oh, and most of the CCCB for that matter, with the exception of Cardinal Collins, who has spoken out against our PM before.