Thursday, 29 June 2017

Cardinal Pell a Pervert? Just how many homosexuals are in the Vatican?

Pell with admitted pedophile and sexual torturer, 
Gerald Ridsdale, going into court
This morning we hear of breaking news from Australia that Cardinal Pell has been charged with sexual crimes. He is innocent until proven guilty, but obviously these charges are not frivolous. Allegations go back as far as 1961, with Pell allegedly abusing a 12 year old boy. Sexual torture, sadomasochism of children - boys and girls -  by priests and nuns were well back into the sixties.  One really has to wonder just how many of these "nuns" were really lesbians, sexual perverts? Obviously, they hated Our Lord our religion. 

That Pell was grossly incompetent regarding covering up and ignoring sodomite priests and homosexual pedophiles: that is already without doubt. It seems obvious why he is in Rome. We also know he is a liar. 

The crisis in the Church is far profounder than the usual "liberal" vs "conservative" labels. In fact, such an analysis is very superficial and leads to no good end. St. Paul spoke about powers of darkness....

The crisis is a spiritual one. It goes far, far deeper than mere liturgical preference, rubrics, and externals. Do people so easily forget the Institute of Christ the King? A sodomite setup. Homosexuals also say the Latin Mass. 

Readers would do well to watch Part One of Fr. John O'Connor's "The Homosexual Conspiracy against the Catholic Church". Homosexual infiltration was well under way in the 1940s and the 1950s. These men all would be considered "traditional" externally. They would all publicly espouse "traditional" theology. Yet they were sodomite destroyers and corrupters. What better way to diabolically attack the Church than to externally preach Catholic morality, perform beautiful liturgies... 

Yet the sodomite priest's heart is black with evil, his betrayed complete. His deception of the few remaining good priests and the laity, absolutely satanically cunning. 

Dear friends, be on your guard. Do not fall for wolves in "traditional" clothing. One such wolf is Scott "Alcuin" Reid. Thank God, Reid was unsuccessful in becoming ordained due to his homosexual activity. Interestingly he is connected with Cardinal Pell. To his credit, another Australian, Archbishop Hart, tried to remove Reid. God bless him. 

It is incredible that there still are blogs out there, even very prominent "traditionalist" blogs that promote Scott Reid and his books (read money). However, Reid had his "traditional" protectors in the Vatican and they even lied to Pope Benedict, who eventually wrote a preface to a book written by this sodomite. 

A similar cover-up was orchestrated by friends of Monsignor Ricca, who returned to Rome in triumph with his sodomite escapades in South America removed from his file. The real enemy, dear friends is even more insidious than we have come to believe. Satan takes particular delight in deceiving Catholics with "all lace and no grace" priests, bishops and cardinals. It is the "traditional" sodomite who is the most dangerous, the most vile, the most evil of priests.

Dear friends, Satan and his homosexual agents dominate the priesthood and whether they are "conservative", "traditional", or "liberal" - they are all doing the devil's work. 

Find priests who YOU KNOW are not sodomites and support them! Pray for the conversion of these other sodomite priests, as, if they do not repent, they will spend eternity in Hell. 


Anonymous said...

What's this about the Institute of Christ the King? If you're referring to the ICKSP then this is the first I've heard about it actually being infiltrated with sodomites. Barona, do you have any references or sources for this? If true, it is extremely disappointing. They seem like they do such great and holy work in their parishes, better than the FSSP on average that I have seen. While I'm not under the illusion of traditional Catholicism being immune from infiltration of sodomites, (just take a look at the Oratory), I haven't actually heard anything about it in the Institute. Yes they may pay a lot of attention to detail to externals, but that alone doesn't mean anything.

Anonymous said...

Very frightening stuff. But definitely true - Trad Catholics who like to scold Novus Ordo Catholics be careful. The wolves are among them also. And as Barona points out these are the most dangerous because they are hidden in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality in the R.C. Church should be thoroughly investigated.

Aussietomt said...

What an appalling article.
How a blogger from across the pacific ocean would be able to say Cardinal Pell is a liar nothing short of a disgrace.
How you could base all your vitriol on an article from a biased article from something uses the title "Kangaroo Court in Australia" is , I repeat, appalling.
If you went further and watched the TV from the Australian journalist and researched his history, you would find out that he has a well known bias against the Catholic Church over a long career.
It may interest you as well that the Australian media has exactly the same bias that we Catholics know is alive and well throughout the world.
Many journalists highlighting their own bias, have lambasted Cardinal Pell for the last 24 hours about, as you stated, alleged incidents well before most were even born.
Cardinal Pell sat through an exhaustive Royal Commission here in Australia and underwent exactly the same disdain from the prosecuting lawyers who proved exactly nothing.
Not to write too much more, two points should be borne in mind. Firstly the numerous priests who left their Divine Offices in tatters with their sinful and disgraceful ways should be measured by so many more who have suffered unjustly as the Church ran for cover with monetary rewards to the detriment of their priestly office and physical well being.
The tragedy of suffering, whilst seemingly more in numbers who suffered abuse, should also be noted and measured against innocent priests wrongly accused and convicted
Secondly to reinforce my statements about unjust punishment to innocent priests you are no doubt aware of the staggering twenty odd years that Father Gordon Macrae has been confined in prison, in total to be 48 years, convicted on totally fabricated evidence. You will be also aware that he was offered two years in prison if he admitted the abuse, he refused and was given twice the sentence many now receive for murder.
I repeat, what an appalling article.

Anonymous said...

Probably quit a few.

Anonymous said...

Since many of the Vatican's residents are ordained to the priesthood, they probably know that the Bible states that homosexual activity is "abominable'.

Tancred said...

Is Pell really a conservative? Seems to me he’s always been quite liberal.

Did Scotty Reid email you to take this post down too? He emailed me.

Tancred said...

Reid threatened some kind of legal action if I didn’t take my blog down.

Irenaeus said...

We did not receive any e-mail.

Anonymous said...

This post is a lot more interesting now that Scott Reid has been illicitly ordained.