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Friday, 24 July 2015

Pope Francis: Laudato si is "not a green encyclical..."

True Catholic social action: a nun helping an African family

During the course of the Mayor's "Symposium", Pope Francis gave an impromptu speech, seeing the need to reject the media labeling of Laudato si as a "green" encyclical. The Pope tried to emphasize that it was a "social" encyclical. Further, that the main theme was the concept that "ecology is total, it is human"

The fact that the Pope needed to make these remarks - edited by the Vatican Press Office as they were (what else the Pope said, we are left to guess) - implies that the Holy Father has become aware of a concerted effort to manipulate his encyclical and force it into a certain "environmentalist" mindset. It is unfortunate that the Holy Father still seems to believe that large, bureaucratic entities can help achieve his desired hope, that we live in greater harmony with God's creation. Indeed, these huge internationalist entities are part of the "technocracy" that the Holy Father rightly denounces. Not Catholic, entities that are globalist by inclination can hardly offer solutions in accordance with Catholic moral teaching. This was seen in the gender ideology announcement that was issued by the mayor's "Symposium. And even if these internationalist organizations are well meaning, common human experience tells us that the larger an entity, the more incompetent and inept it will be. Bureaucracy by nature grows. The Catholic principle of subsidiarity needs to be applied in any true Catholic social action. 

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Excellent Post. Thank you. It does seem Pope Francis needs to untangle the misunderstandings that surround him. He did speak a lot about Judas in his first talks, how much he pities Judas. My twitter followers asked me about a story that showed the Vatican mistreating a scientist who didn't believe in man made global warming. I said, "Don't worry, it's Pope Francis Judas Minions, who did that." God bless you. Susan Fox