Thursday 23 July 2015

Final Declaration held at Vatican calls for:" gender equality" and "gender-sensitive solutions"

The "Final Declaration" of a "symposium" has been held in Vatican City. If it were not true one would think it a bad joke. No commentary is necessary. Suffice it to say, these "mayors" and others do not intend to bend the knee to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and as such show any friendship towards the Catholic Church. 

Does this also include contraception and abortion? 


Freyr said...

You're kidding? This entire affair was a boondoggle on the part of mayors whose constituents do not care how much taxpayers money they waste. To attribute any authority whatsoever to this excuse to wine, dine and have a Roman holiday is the height of silliness. The headline should have read "Mayors Boondoggle in Rome". Oh yeah... your "use" of "scare" quotes is also "silly". They really are mayors.

Barona said...

They are indeed mayors, but they represent others who have real power. The boondoggle is dangerous given that it will, and is being manipulated by those who wish to move the Pope's encyclical into "their" political camp.