Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Pope Francis: "... contrary winds arise everywhere in the world..." ~ the Holy Father denounces ideological and media agression

"Do whatever He tells you...." Our Lady

These words were spoken in late April. Have you read them before? Just who are these "wolves" in the Holy See Press Office, under "Stato", who so carefully censor and manipulate the words of our Holy Father? Sadly, these "wolves" in shheos clothing, warned of by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, just prior to his election to the Papacy, remain very active within the Church. 

In an ad limina address to the Bishops of Benin, the Holy Father had these words:

You are right, however, in stressing in your reports that this faith, spreading increasingly, is sometimes superficial and lacks solidity. Now it is important that the desire for a profound knowledge of the Christian mystery is not the privilege of an elite, but that it animates all the faithful, because they are all called to sanctity. This is of capital importance for the Church in Benin to resist and overcome the contrary winds that arise everywhere in the world and which will not fail to blow in your country. And I know that you are vigilant in face of the multiple ideological and media aggressions. The spirit of secularism is at work also in your country, even if it is not yet very visible. Only a profound faith rooted in the heart of the faithful, and lived concretely, will enable you to address it.

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