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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mary Wagner was "convicted": a sentencing hearing will be held on May 5th

Fr. Piotr Bałtarowicz
Mary Wagner's trial for "probation violation", and "interfering with a business" was held this Thursday at 10 a.m., at the College Park Courts (444 Yonge St; at the corner of Yonge and Dundas). It is important to note, that while Mary's trial ensued, her dear friend, Linda Gibbons, will be sitting in prison at Vanier, 60 kms away, awaiting her upcoming trial (probably in June).

At the trial, this time, finally - thanks be to God - a Catholic priest was  present, Fr. Piotr Bałtarowicz; in Canada - from far off Poland - for a pilgrimage of solidarity with Mary and Linda - to the "Sanctuary behind bars".

The formal witness of  an alter Christus, is extremely important. This trial is a manifestation of the confrontation between Christ and Belial, between the Church and the anti-church, hence the necessity for one of Christ's priests to be present. 

Christ before the Jerusalem mob
This is not a trial about "probation", or 'interfering with a business"; just as Our Blessed Lord's trial was not about "blasphemy". That is a superficial perspective. This trial was about truth, God's truth, not man's invented non-truths. It is about the truth and dignity of human life: from conception to natural death. It is about solidarity with the unborn, and by extension, the elderly, the frail, the weak, those despised by society as "unwanted"...those in grave danger of the ever expanding "culture" of death.

Because they hate truth, Mary was "convicted"; convicted by an evil and vile system that rejects truth and life. On two counts of probation violation, and one count of interfering with the business of bloody murder. A pre-sentencing hearing will be held on May 5th. 

It was extremely important that we attended, that we gave witness to the unfolding of this event, just as the women witnessed at Calvary. Mary has taken up her cross and is following Him, because she knows that faith without good works is dead; she knows that one must "incarnate" Christ's love in deed. Mary refused to cease offering love and alternatives to mothers who intend to exterminate their children, and, as a result, it is deemed that she interferes with the operation of a "business". But God draws good out of evil, for out of the mouths of these abortionists and the State we already have an admission: the running of abortion mills is a "business", indeed a bloody business of murder and profit.

In Poland, the ever resourceful Jacek Kotula and Przemysław Sycz, have organized a large demonstration in Warsaw, for the 16th: in "Solidarity with Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons". This will be a public manifestation of the defense of the unborn. This is ultimately a protest for the voiceless, through the conduit of two humble women who have made a stand in the name of Christ for the unseen, the voiceless, the unborn. Exceedingly beautiful will also be the fact that the demonstration will include public prayer, especially the Rosary. To all the Catholics of Poland who have played the major role in building the Rosary Bouquet for Linda and Mary this Easter: thank-you! Nonetheless, it is important to remind supporters of Mary in Poland that what has become amongst some a personality cult, is counter productive. 

 Our Lord is adamant, "pray always" (Luke 1:18). Through prayer, the "pro-life" movement can be transformed into a "Gospel of Life" movement, which was what St. Pope John Paul II emphasized in Evangelium Vitae.  Fr. Paul Nicholson emphasized this by referring to the power of witnessing for life through love of Christ, through solidarity with the victims of abortion.

For detailed analysis of yesterday's court proceedings please visit Lifesitenews.


Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Wonderful Post. IN one sense I'm sorry, in another I am sorrowfully glad. Her suffering highlights the tragedy of the unborn child murdered in the womb, her suffering imitates that of Jesus Christ on the way to the cross, but her courage and fortitude in this situation are consoling to me. Thanks be to God. God bless you. Susan Fox

Joe Vandenberg said...

Actually, in deference to the Truth, this is a story about love, or, more succinctly, the story of Love. An extension, in continuum with the Christ trial, Love's adjudication. Pilate scoffed,"What is truth?" Jesus, the Eternal word, answered with forever.

Barona said...

Truth is built on love: I am the way, the truth and the life..."

Luciano said...

God reward you Barona for your faithful witness to the cause of Mary.
What an absolute indictment of the apathy of the Catholic Church in Canada that nothing is being said about the injustice being handed down to Mary. And only one priest is present and he from a foreign land. Where are bishops from Toronto and Hamilton dioceses.
God please please take away our apathy so that the slaughter of the innocents can stop.
God bless Father Piotr for his fidelity.
God bless guide and protect Mary.

Barona said...

Luciano, thank-you for your constancy for Linda and Mary. Yes, it would be heartening to see Catholics, Christians, men of good will in this country support the unborn, and by extension, Mary and Linda. Much, much more.

At the same time, my observations are that a personality cult has developed in Poland following her visit last October and this is not healthy. Mary does not wish to be regarded as a celebrity, or a saint. Those who do so, are not respecting her wishes, nor are they following Catholic common sense. It is also true that Linda Gibbons is being forgotten and this is truly sad. In honesty, what references that are made to her in the Polish press are due to many of my efforts.