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Thursday, 9 April 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Archbishop Józef Michalik wins court case filed against him by a neo-fascist feminist

Archbishop Jozef Michalik of Przemysł
denounced the evils of feminism 
His Grace, Archbishop Józef Michalik won today in the defamation lawsuit filed against him by a particularly noisy and strident  feminist, by name of Małgorzata Merenin. The lawsuit was dismissed for lack of evidence. 

Merenin, had attempted to silence the Archbishop, claiming that he accused her and fellow feminists of being the cause of pedophilia. The court found no basis for this accusation. The feminist was ordered to pay the Archbishop's costs of 540 zł. This was nothing but a "nuisance" lawsuit maliciously designed to financially ruin the saintly prelate. 

Important for Catholics to remember, are these words delivered by the Archbishop in the sermon (October 16, 2013), that this petulant and and shrill feminist found so offensive:

"Before our eyes, we see the promotion of a new gender ideology. Already several major universities in Poland introduced lectures on this new and very clear ideology, whose programs are advised by the most aggressive Polish feminists, who for years have scoffed at the Church and traditional ethics, promote abortion and fight with the traditional model of family and marital fidelity. "

This was an extremely important trial. Had the Archbishop been found guilty, it would have put a chill across all of the European Union, as regards the "civil" rights of churchmen to preach the Gospel undiluted from the pulpit. This is a victory by Catholics and all men of good will against the ever-encroaching neo-fascist juggernaut of the dictatorship of relativism. 

Let us take care though. This is but one small victory. Vox Cantoris reports on a case of ongoing persecution of a Jewish organization that upholds  the rights of God against sin.  Feminists, homosexualists and others will continue to seek ways to silence and bludgeon financially into ruin, those who oppose them and their immorality. 

(hat tip: Przemysław Sycz)

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Luciano said...

Will we ever hear such words from any Canadian bishop? How sad that from the Canadian we get nothing like this and the secular situation here is ten times worse than in Poland.
The Canadian church embodies the church of nice and that is why I am lowering my sunday offering and looking to support other true Catholic causes. I am beyond tired of the lack of leadership from our Canadian shepherds.