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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Communists and fascist police in Brussels join together to attack Pro-life demonstration outside European Parliament

Moral relativism, once it has gathered strength, quickly transitions into open totalitarianism. So it was this past Monday, March 30th, that openly  communist movements (e.g.ABVV and the Juenes-FGTB)  harassed pro-life groups, to then be assisted by the fascist police, in Brussel, Belgium, who confiscated and destroyed banners of the pro-life group, Fundacja PRO- "Right to Life". 

The above link will provide you with further, detailed videos of the disgusting behaviour of the communists, with the cowardly police idly standing by, to then finally throw in their lot with the totalitarians. Truly a scene right out of the 1930s. 

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