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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rome-SSPX: Williamson's comments ensure SSPX split

Bishop Richard Williamson's latest Kyrie Eleison comments for September 1, 2012 are highly significant given his detailed opposition to the official SSPX position. It is this month of September that Rome will give a definitive reply to the SSPX following further exchanges after the SSPX General Chapter. 

Williamson writes: 

The sixth and last condition desires a Commission to be set up in Rome to look after Tradition, with  a strong representation from Tradition, but “dependent on the Pope”. Dependent on the Pope? But have the Conciliar Popes not been ringleaders of Conciliarism? Is Conciliarism no longer a problem?

In conclusion, these six conditions are excessively grave. Unless the Society’s leadership is shaken out of its dream of peace with Conciliar Rome as revealed by them, then the last worldwide bastion of Catholic Tradition risks being on its way to surrendering to the enemies of the Faith. 

Whatever the result will be regarding the SSPX, one thing remains a near certainty: the rebel Society will have an internal split, and it is only a matter of from where and how many may go with Williamson. My own suspicion is that most of his following will be in the English speaking world. Not so much due to the sad man being English speaking, but, rather that the vast majority of the English speaking world is heavily imbued with a protestant ethos. Hence, the near schismatic "traditionalist" press, websites, blogs etc. that on one hand ostensibly bend their knee to Pope Benedict; yet in the next breath undermine him at every turn by harbouring, encouraging, winking at a form of "traditional" Catholicism which is really protestantism with bells and whistles. Examples would include the recent outrage by many that the Anglicans who have returned home after nearly 500 years did not take up the Tridentine Mass as their normative liturgy! Thus, liturgy is more important than schism and heresy. 

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