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Friday, 21 September 2012

Archbishop Muller Speaks on Traditionalists and Progressives

In a wide ranging interview, Archbishop Muller, new CDF head, spoke of the need for unity in the Church. He certainly has a point about "party" programs, "personal ideology". Indicative of the any future Rome-SSPX negotiations, the Archbishop commented: 

So above all, I asked myself; what ails the life of the Church? In many countries, there is a strong polarization: Traditionalists against progressives or whatever you would call them. This must be overcome, we need to find a new and fundamental unity in the Church and individual countries. Unity in Christ, not a unity produced according to a program and later invoked by a partisan speaker. We are not a community of people aligned to a party program, or a community of scientific research, our unity is gifted to us. We believe in the one Church united in Christ. And if you believe in Christ, really believe - not manipulating the teachings of the Church, or singling out individual points to support your own personal ideology, but rather unconditionally entrusting yourself to Christ - then the unity of the Church is also important. Then the Church will not be – as it is sometimes described in Scripture – torn apart by jealousy and ambition. This is my underlying aim: To reduce the tensions within the Church"

I do not believe the Archbishop would have commented in this manner without the approval of the Pope. Look for the SSPX to - in some manner  - "accept" Vatican II or there will be no reconciliation. The full interview may be read and heard here

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