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Friday, 28 September 2012

Rome-SSPX: Fr. Franz Schmidberger on the Negotiations

In an interview recently conducted by Fr. Franz Schmidberger of the SSPX the following key point regarding the SSPX position was made on the Second Vatican Council. It should be noted that central to the SSPX position is the strong belief that certain pastoral elements of the Council are contrary to previous Papal teaching. One may agree or disagree with the SSPX on this, but the fact remains that they do refer to Magisterial teaching. 

It has become evident in the talks that took place since October 2009 until April 2011 that there are significant differences of perspective concerning the Second Vatican Council, certain texts of the council and the postconciliar magisterium. Everybody had agreed that it would not be easy to find an agreement between the views of the postconciliar magisterium and the view that we support along with the Popes of the 19th century and the constant teachings of the church. And I think as long as these wounds are not healed with the correct medicine, and that would be to talk openly about those points that do not fit together, there will be no real solution for the crisis in the church.

The full interview may be read here

The video may be watched here with English subtitles. 

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