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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

BREAKING: Cardinal Collins' pretext for enforced Holy Communion in the hand has just been exposed as a fraud!

The pretext Thomas Cardinal Collins, has given us for his illegal and illicit ban on Holy Communion on the tongue is based on alleged advice from "medical authorities".

But there is a huge problem with the Cardinal’s reasoning. The problem is this: within the Province of Ontario, in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Holy Communion on the tongue is granted. Therefore the pretext that Holy Communion must be received in the hand for health reasons collapses

It has been exposed as a complete fraud. 

The following is a screenshot from the Archdiocese of Kingston showing a Catholic solution: 

It is time that Cardinal Collins tells us what the real motivation behind this illegal and immoral ban is. It is time he publicly apologizes to Our Lord for abusing Catholics' rights and repents. With each passing day, outrages are taking place, priests' consciences are being abused, the faithful are cast into outer darkness. The Cardinal is the Cardinal, but he has entered into rebellion (as Rome has ruled on this matter), he has committed graves injustices, and he is abusing his authority. 

UPDATE: Cardinal Collins has gone on the record that he has been threatened and bullied by Toronto Public Health with closure of churches if he did not comply with their illegal and unconstitutional takeover of Catholic Liturgy. 


Phineas said...

It's not a week since re-opening and the daily masses in Toronto have turned into a freak show fiasco. The masks, the Karens policing your every move, the Purell squirts, the roped-off pews, the rushing-you-out so they can sanitize. They really have to rethink the "safetyism' that has gripped their minds. The re-opening seemed to have caught His Eminence by surprise. Was he secretly hoping for a September re-opening?

Jonah said...

Trace the Cardinal's Rampolla line, and you will observe the shackles that bind his hands:

Vox Cantoris said...

At a diocesan webinar today, June 24) Collins doubled-down on the matter when asked. Only in the hand, absolutely no exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Not only Kingston but Pembroke initially also did not outright prohibit Communion on the tongue. It only strongly encourage the faithful to receive on the hand. Somehow that webpage has been deleted but we have Google cache. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://pembrokediocese.com/procedures-for-resumption-of-public-mass-and-sacramental-life/