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Friday, 22 May 2020

"EBOLA-ITIS" ~ the mania of those who still defend the lockdown for Covid-19

Christ-haters infected with "ebola-itis" burnt down a church in Mississippi

We are NOT facing an Ebola-like pandemic

By early April the projected Models of SARS CoV2 (novel coronavirus/COVID 19) death were not being fulfilled, but seriously off their mark. A Model will project numbers based on the data fed into it. Faulty data equals a faulty Model. By early April, as the data was coming in, I had written that the time had come to reopen society. 

COVID-19 is a dangerous upper respiratory infection (for those with pre-existing comorbidities) on a par of lethality with Influenza. And yes, there were a number of hotspots, where local lockdowns were justified. We also did not know just what this disease was, and (so we were told it could have a two week asymptomatic incubation period. Common sense people agreed that a two week lockdown had a logical justification.  But that was nearly three months ago.

After three months the death rate is approximately 0.1%. That is on the level of seasonal Influenza. How many are aware, e.g. that this year alone in the United States 23,000 people have died of Influenza? Was the economy shut down, people ordered to "stay home" (the worst medical advice by the way for boosting your immune system, but I digress). 

Contrary to what (e.g., as I live in the Archdiocese of Toronto) Cardinal Collins claimed in his latest Letter (no doubt based on the information he has been given), it is NOT "an extreme medical emergency ...rampaging through the community...". Nor is the ongoing lockdown for the "common good...based upon well-founded medical principles regarding the best way to combat pestilence". Our Ontario hospital emergencies are at less than 50% capacity. There are emergency physicians who are actually seeing NOT ONE patient during the course of an entire shift. Hospital staff (including emergency staff) have been talking amongst themselves how the the reality is completely different from the "fake news". Which brings me to my final point. 

Amongst the many scandals, perhaps the worst is the silence and even ongoing collaboration and encouragement by "conservative" Catholics and protestants with the lockdown. In fairness we can say that most were terrorized by the well-organized and oiled propaganda machine of the globalists. The very people who have nosily denounced "fake news" had themselves fallen into the trap. And it was very skillful: play on fear, play on emotions. God has a way of humbling the proud. 

However, we are three LONG months down the road of this enforced "house arrest". As Fr. Brad Sweet of the Canadian Armed Forces has noted:
"Stores opening. But no churches/parishes. No announcements from bishops, no plans. But also no protest from the people. The secular society has won here". 

So sad but true. This is the result of a fake "church", a country-club "church", a "church" of lace, incense. A "church" of worldliness and pet political ideologies. A "church" of man. A "church" of little faith, terrified at the possibility of being infected with a virus, but not terrified at the loss of liberty....

As to the actual number of COVID-19 deaths, watch the following. 

Fr. Sweet strongly suggests Catholics contact their Bishop requesting a plan, action on the reopening of our churches. If you wish to do so, please be respectful. Make a petition, but do NOT tell the Cardinal what to do. It does not work that way. Keep him in your prayers. 

Catholics of the Archdiocese of Toronto can contact 
His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins at: 

​Office of the Cardinal

1155 Yonge Street
M4T 1W2

t:416-934-0606, ext. 609


Vox Cantoris said...

The initial need to isolate was necessary so as not to overwhelm the health system and to "flatten the curve," not to prevent everyone from getting the Chinavirus. It worked. So, what is it about now? It is past time to open everything up with everyone taking necessary precautionis.

Irenaeus said...

Bishop Miehm of Peterborough, in his letter dated from May 19th, makes it clear that the Ontario Bishops are talking plans. He himself has made a Committee for Re-opening in his own diocese. Things are being discussed. The lack of relative transparency leaves something to be desired, though.

As for my own stance on the matter, I would like things to be opened up a little faster and comprehensive plans be made. If the accountant can do my taxes by having me hand them in (and told me so when I called in), then surely we can implement a plan for the churches? While we won't go to 100 percent normal right away, we have to start somewhere.

Barona said...

I initially supported the lockdown given that the virus was a novel coronavirus and that reports of deaths, such as the official WHO IFR was at 3.4%. Further, the Models presented in early-late March continued to estimate these figures. John Ioannidis of Stanford who was skeptical of these predictions even in mid March (since proven correct) extrapolated much preliminary evidence by analyzing the data from the Diamond Princess. What emerged amongst this mostly elderly population is six deaths amongst just over 700. The CDC officially gave the Diamond Princess an IFR rate of 0.63%. The WHO IFR predictions were nearly six times HIGHER.

Flattening the curve is theoretically valid, as well as practically valid, if the pathogen actually is killing very high numbers of people, e.g. IFR 2.0% +. Otherwise we see an actual spike in deaths due to deaths unrelated to SARS-COV2. We are in fact seeing this already and into the future. There are already multiple reports coming in of deaths due to lockdown and cancellation of surgery, treatment. Lockdown can actually do more damage than good. As we see the real IFR, the lockdown beyond early April is irrational, not based on the evidence. If we follow the evidence emerging over April and into May we can see that faculty data led to faulty decisions. We now know the Canadian healthcare system was never overwhelmed and never would have been. We should have reopened in early April. In retrospect (as Sweden is showing) we should have never closed. A bit more that later.

The most important thing during any epidemic or alleged epidemic is to identify the IFR. We now have emerging evidence: Santa Clara County (population 1.9 million) out of a sample of 3,330 adults tested for SARS-COV2 antibodies, the extrapolated infection for the County was (in early April) between 48,000-81,000 (50-85 MORE than those as confirmed cases). The IFR for Santa Clara is 0.12-0.2%. The WHO's IFR is 17-29 times HIGHER than what has emerged in Santa Clara County.

In LA County (population 7,9 million) out of a sample of 863 adults tested for SARS-COV2 antibodies, the extrapolated infection rate for the County was (in early April) between 280,000- 547,000 adults (35-68 MORE than those as confirmed cases). The IFR for LA County is 0.13-0.3%. The WHO's IFR is 13-26 HIGHER than what has emerged in LA County.

It should also be noted that in NYC the IFR rate is estimated to being between 0.5 and 0.8%. That can be explained in two ways: very high-density population, and grave mismanagement, in fact criminal by Governor Cuomo whereby (e.g.) over 5,000 elderly have been identified as unnecessary deaths. As such this figure is skewed but still indicative that IFR rates are drastically below the initial predictions that were used to justify a lockdown.

Barona said...

In comparison the H3N2 Virus (so-called Hong Kong Flu) of 1968-70 killed (according to CDC figures) approximately 100,000 Americans (US population 200 million), and between 1-4 million worldwide. If we extrapolate the SARS-COv2 deaths we are being told (and the debate as to if they are all really from SARS-COV2 is another story with multiple sources indicating the figures in the western nations are being artificially inflated) the US deaths for SAR-COv2 should be in excess of 170,000. The US economy was not shut down.

Sweden. They were blessed by not being in a major air hub and as such had the ability to give that 2-week assessment to see if the Models and predictions were actually holding up against the emerging evidence. They were not. They also have a brilliant and gusty Chief Medical Officer who was able to withstand incredible international pressure to cave. He did not. He followed the evidence.

Sweden has minimal social distancing (suggested, not enforced), and the economy is open. The IFR is comparable to data from similar countries in population, urban density, health care system and demographics who have enforced strict lockdowns. There is no difference in death rates and infections between those in lockdown and those not. That is why the media is silent about Sweden. Sweden disproves the lockdown.

As to why this lockdown is going on (three months going on four, and some are now claiming they want lockdowns into 2022) is a good question. I think there are two possibilities: the first being that politicians primary concern is votes and it is very hard for a politician to admit error. Nonetheless, a politician can still extricate him or herself by stating the truth: Models and predictions were given them that were wrong. But there still are consequences, so they are motivated to go along. The second point is that this virus was seized upon by globalists to the outset to advance an agenda; every passing day proves this. We have gone from a 2, 3-week lockdown to now three months and counting all based on a hugely inaccurate IFR. We have people dying because they have been denied medical treatment over the past two months, we have decimated economies, crushing debt, massive unemployment, suicides, substance abuse etc. We have start asking “QUI BONO”.