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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Are some seminaries nearly all homosexual?

Sandro Magister carries a report on the homosexual crisis in Brazilian seminaries, recently translated in full into Italian. The article is sobering, and very, very grave. The infiltration is, seemingly, in some countries, nearly completely homosexual. The number in North America range anywhere between 50-70 %, depending on the study. 

The homosexual domination of seminaries (due to, homosexual superiors), is reflected in the near universal silence from the Pope on downwards regarding this grave evil that has come upon Christ's Church. 

The silence of the Pope, on the proverbial homosexual elephant in the room, paradoxically, told us more, than had the Pope addressed the issue. Such is the homosexual stranglehold on the levers of power (humanly speaking), such is the situation of blackmail and counter-blackmail, that it was decided to say nothing. The fact remains, that the visible structures, run out of the Vatican City State by delinquent churchmen, is de facto an international pedophile gang. We have known child molesters being moved from country to country. This is an international pedophile gang. 

Let us place our trust in Jesus Christ, and Him only. 

Do not place your trust in princes, whether political or clerical. 

Trust in Jesus Christ alone. 

In all others we will be disappointed. He is allowing the Church to be scourged because of our infidelity. God is a jealous God. He wants all our love, devotion, obedience. He does not like lukewarmness. Far, far too many of us, our parents, grandparents, great grandparents were lukewarm at best. We wanted to flirt with the world. Well, Christ is now punishing us for our infidelity, by allowing evil men to scourge the Church. This is a purification. Just as the faithless Jews were scourged in Babylon for infidelity, so too, the Church,  Israel is being scourged for Her infidelity to Christ. 

Let us prepare ourselves for worse times, and greater spiritual calamities. But, let us have faith in Christ, who is Lord of all, and has won the victory. Let us remain at His side and never betray him. Let us never consider leaving the Church for some synagogue of Satan!

The authors of the survey, Elismar Alves dos Santos and Pedrinho Arcides Guareschi, both religious of the congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer and both specialists in social psychology and with prestigious academic qualifications, conducted in-depth interviews with 50 theology students of these seminaries, coming away from them with results that are decidedly alarming. 
First of all, the interviewees say, homosexuality in their seminaries “is a common thing, a reality ever more present.” So normal “that it even reaches the point of being trivialized.” It is the widespread conviction among them “that in reality 90 percent of seminarians today are homosexual.” 
Some homosexuals - they say - “seek the seminary as a means of escape so as not to take on before their families and society the responsibilities connected to their behavior.” Others “discover that they are homosexual when they are already in the seminary,” finding a favorable environment there. And almost all of them, some say 80 percent “go in search of sexual partners". 
Homosexuality, in fact - they state - “is a reality present in the seminaries not only in the order of being, but also in the order of practice.” Many practice it “as if it were something normal.” The authors of the survey write: “In the vision of the research participants, in the present context of the seminaries a good part of the seminarians are in favor of homosexuality. And, even more, they maintain that if there is love in a homosexual relationship, there is nothing wrong. They say: ‘’If there is love, what harm is there?’

So there we have it: "love is love". The demonic slogan of godlessness. 

The full article may be read here


M. Prodigal said...

These sodomites have no true vocation to the priesthood. And if what is rumored happens, and "married" priests are allowed and if same sex "marriage" is legal then you will have sodomite partners in the clergy. Can you imagine! No holiness, no Gospel, sacrilegious Masses continually: what could be more demonic than that? May Our Lord clean house.

Anonymous said...

What are the stats on the convents? The women are guilty also. Not much maternal imitation as Holy Mother been going on for some time with the feminists! Everyone seems to focus on the men (yes it is a global mafia), but let us not forget the other half of mankind involved is all I’ m saying. The mafia includes the women.