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Saturday, 12 May 2018

The destructive influence of Freemasonry and Liberalism on the minds of Catholics

Pope Leo XIII wrote - throughout his pontificate - about the evil influence of Freemasonry in Italy. What the holy pope wrote about that sect over 100 years ago is applicable to every country - without exception - where Freemasonry roams free to corrupt and destroy. 

As a French priest once told me: we have had 500 years of protestantism, over 200 years of liberalism, and over 100 years of modernism -and here we are! 

The central doctrine, as Pope Leo taught in Humanum Genus of Freemasonry is religious indifferentism. We see it enshrined wherever we have so-called "religious liberty" and the "separation" of Church and state proclaimed. These are hard teachings for Catholics who have been brought up on liberalism, on false ecumenism (where the Catholic religion is placed equal to "heretical sects and even Jewish perfidy", as Pius VII taught) but these teachings are essential for a well-ordered society and state. Accusations of so-called "anti-semitism" will fly from those infected with naturalism and liberalism, but the Gospel must be preached to the Jews and Jewish naturalism must be opposed according to the mind of Christ and His Church. As Pius XI taught in Quas Primas, Our Lord is to be recognized by the civil authorities as King. If Jesus Christ is God, He must reign. 

The public display of the demonic: Ontario's lesbian Premier, her "lover"
 and assorted sexual deviants at a"Gay Pride" event
With our societies plunging back into a virulent form of vicious neo-paganism, Freemasonry has been at the forefront of this charge for over two centuries.  "Liberty" is the cry of the Freemason: a "liberty" from Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. Here, in Canada, we have had a dramatic acceleration of this demonic activity. Who cannot see the exact same effects here, in Canada, that Pope Leo lamented well over 100 years ago; yet amplified, due to an extra century of Masonic subversion? 

Rascist Justin Trudeau has spent $650,000,000
to abort coloured babies in third world countries. 

Even Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, after years of supporting and praising Canada's wicked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has had an epiphany (after being cut off from government funds) and denounced the PM and his evil gang  of malefactors, as "agents of a new dictatorship". Is it not sad that we cannot think of any other prominent priest or bishop in this country who will do the same? Is Fr. Rosica the only clerical opposition Canada's evil dictator has to face? 

Dictator Justin Trudeau promoting abortion, homosexual activity,
the profanation of marriage, and euthanasia

The glorification of divorce, general immorality and homosexuality in particular, the promotion of contraception and abortion, the attacks on the family through oppressive taxes and technocratic control and so forth. Let us not be deluded. Things will not be getting better, but worse. Many Catholics had put there trust in Jason Kenney. Sadly, he too has sold out to the "LGBT" juggernaut. Be prepared. Put not your trust in "princes".

Sad, cowardly Jason Kenney surrendering
to the Homosexual juggernaut

From Pope Leo's Custodi di Quella Fede

The satanic intent of the persecutors has been to substitute naturalism for Christianity, the worship of reason for the worship of faith, so-called independent morality for Catholic morality, and material progress for spiritual progress. 

To the holy maxims and laws of the Gospel, they have opposed laws and maxims which can be called the code of revolution...

...they sought nonetheless to introduce and promote civil marriages and funerals. If they have not yet succeeded in seizing control of education and the direction of charitable institutions...

The road is very short from religious to social ruin. The heart of man is no longer raised to heavenly hopes and loves; capable and needing the infinite, it throws itself insatiably on the goods of this earth. Inevitably there is a perpetual struggle of avid passions to enjoy, become rich, and rise. Then we encounter a large and inexhaustible source of grudges, discords, corruptions, and crimes...

 New generations which grew up in a spirit of misunderstood freedom are unleashed in the cities, generations which do not respect anything from above or below. The cities teem with incitements to vice, precocious crimes, and public scandals. 

The state should be content with the high and noble office of recognizing, protecting, and helping divine and human rights in their harmonious universality. Now, however, the state believes itself almost a judge and disowns these rights or restricts them at will. Finally, the general social order is undermined at its foundations. Books and journals, schools and universities, clubs and theaters, monuments and political discourse, photographs and the fine arts, everything conspires to pervert minds and corrupt hearts.


Jonah said...

I smell the scent of fear in Fr. Rosica. Fear can lead to sobriety. And, sobriety can lead to the restoration of right reason. Our enemy is not reason. Reason is not owned by the Freemasons, but by the Eternal Word, Our Lord. In contrast, the Freemasons are enslaved to the Dark Powers, gnostic delusion, Lucifer the destroyer of light and whisperer of lies. Today is the day in the Novena to the Holy Spirit when we pray for the Gift of Fear:

Come, O blessed Spirit of Holy Fear, penetrate my inmost heart, that I may set you, my Lord and God, before my face forever. Help me to shun all things that can offend You, and make me worthy to appear before the pure eyes of Your Divine Majesty in heaven, where You live and reign in the unity of the ever Blessed Trinity, God world without end. Amen.

john haggerty said...

Somerset Maugham told his nephew that homosexual relationships do not work.
They are by their nature unstable.
See 'Conversations With Willie - Recollections of W. Somerset Maugham' by Robin Maugham published in 1978.
Maugham ought to have known since he had observed many homosexual affairs from close quarters.

We are in a very strange place.
No one could have predicted that this once marginal issue would come close to wrecking Christianity.
In Britain homosexual acts were decriminalized in the 1960s.
Men and women in same-sex relationships never dreamed of wanting to get married or adopting babies.
These needs have been artificially created.

So it is important to study the ideas of the shrewd men who created the Gay Movement in the United States (see Wikipedia and other online sources).
The activists planned their campaign after the Civil Rights Movement; anyone who opposed Gay Rights would be termed 'homophobic'; it became a Human Rights issue with the support of State legislation and ultimately the Supreme Court.
Politicians in Europe were unwilling to alienate the homosexual vote.
The state apparatus ensured the total supremacy of homosexual rights with a lot of help from the media and the entertainments industry.

See 'Gay Marriage Will Split the Catholic Church' by Damian Thompson, online Spectator.

Young Englishman in the 19th Century said that the Oxford Movement saved their souls, because they had been engaging in what was then called 'the public school vice'.
But many bishops inside the Anglican and Catholic Church seem to have forgotten that chastity is possible with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

Catholic priests and members of the laity can learn from Evangelical preachers.
See YouTube:
Derek Prince: Homosexuality is always demonic.
David Wilkerson - The Cry of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Derek Prince was perceptive about the occult challenge to Christianity.
Watch on YouTube:
The Nature of the Occult.
How Demons Can Cause Negative Thinking.
The Spirit of Sorcery and Witchcraft Can Make One Poor.
Recognizing Satan's Kingdom.
Spiritual Warfare on Earth.
The Nature of Witchcraft - The Enemies We Face.
Prayer and Fasting - When You Fast; Derek Prince.

Male homosexuality is a different spiritual problem from lesbianism. Pastoral counselling has to be sensitive to these differences.
But we are now facing an all-powerful, worldwide movement. And movements have a dynamic of their own.

The situation is complicated by the fact that many Catholic priests are homosexual, either latent or active. This weakens the Church's opposition.
The late Cardinal Keith O'Brien in Scotland was an outspoken opponent of gay marriage until it was revealed that he had a longstanding homosexual partner within the priesthood.
Scottish Catholics feel demoralized.
The Church is now largely silent on moral issues as it is in Ireland.

The endgame of the activists is the destruction of Christian marriage.
They are within sight of storming the Citadel - the once impregnable Roman Catholic Church.

Catholic Mission said...

Is the following due to Masonry or simple liberalism?

MAY 12, 2018
Cardinal Ratzinger made an objective error in Redemptoris Missio and Dominus Iesus (Graphics) : we can undo the mistake and re-interpret Vatican Council II