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Friday, 25 May 2018

St. Philip's Day ~ High Latin Mass at the Toronto Oratory

St. Philip Neri's Feast Day will be celebrated tomorrow, May 26th, 10 a.m.,  at the Toronto Oratory. High Mass will be at the Church of the Holy Family at 1372 King St. West. 

Guest Preacher will be the eminent American Canonist and religious commentator, Fr. Gerald Murray, JCD. 

It is indeed "quaint", that Fr. Murray has been the Pastor of St. Vincent de Paul and is now the Pastor of Holy Family Church. I  Toronto,  the Fathers of the Toronto Oratory serve both Holy Family in Parkdale, and the astonishingly beautiful St. Vincent de Paul church in the adjacent neighbourhood of High Park. 

Indeed, the humour and wit of St. Philip himself, never stops to amaze us! What a fitting Guest Preacher. Just like Philip himself, Fr. Murray is humble, a man of pastoral action, though of rock solid orthodoxy; a man on fire with love Our Lord Lord Jesus Christ!  

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