Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Suspended from Twitter for criticizing the Met Gala on the grounds of "hateful conduct"

The tweet that Twitter found "hateful" 

Last night, my Canadian account was temporarily suspended for using the word "sodomite". Due to algorithms, the Tweet was identified within THREE minutes. I immediately screenshot it, and placed the "offending" tweet on my USA account. 

Action item: bombard Twitter demanding that it REMOVE the offensive and blasphemous photos of the Met Gala. 

Friends, I have just submitted a number of tweets by the official Met Gala Twitter account for suspension. 


It took less than a couple of minutes to select and submit the disgusting tweets. Do you not have extra two minutes today you can put aside for Our Lord? 

Catholics, Christians and men and women of good will! Let us not sit back and do nothing! Yes, very likely my complaint will be ignored. After all, how can they be "offensive" to Catholics, since they have been endorsed by a Prince of the Church: His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan? 

I am reminded of the vision of St. Faustina Kowalska, when she saw Cardinals and bishops taking the whips from the Roman soldiers, to continue flogging Our Lord. 

Our Lord was flogged the other night. Let us, like the holy women be with Jesus during His humiliation and torture. Let us be with Him especially, when He is being tortured by the very men who should be His holy priests.  


john haggerty said...

I am sorry that your Twitter account was suspended because you used the word 'sodomite'.
The question that haunts me is whether your membership of the Catholic Church will be suspended because of your (proper and Biblical) use of the word 'sodomite'.

Events are moving very quickly both in Canada and the United Kingdom.
We are witnessing the most rapacious assault on the sacrament of marriage since the permissive revolt of the 1960s.
This time the assault comes with the backing of governments, the courts, colleges and schools, the entertainments industry and big business.

The Catholic Church held out successfully against the Permissive Society in the last century but now it is ready to negotiate with the Devil.
The bishops have failed to make Christian morality look attractive; the glamour of evil is winning.
Where is our Augustine?
Where is our Columba or Patrick?
Where is there a priest like Martin de Sales, Ignatius Loyola or the Cure d'Ars?
Where is our Jeanne Jugan, our Theresa of Lisieux?

Why are our young people not forsaking worldliness and walking joyfully with the Lord? Because our bishops and priests are not holy.
Because we haven't a Chesterton or a Dorothy Day in the public forum.
Because the Church is not preaching the Cross.

Instead we hear the English Dominican priest Timothy Radcliffe telling us that homosexual acts can (quote) *express Christ's self-gift* (unquote).
Radcliffe believes that sodomy somehow partakes of the mystery of the Incarnation.
Wouldn't the Marquis de Sade and Aleister Crowley have loved to hear a Dominican speak their language!

And we hear the American Jesuit priest James Martin telling us that Cardinal Dolan was (quote) *doing a great job* (unquote) in attending the Met Gala in New York.
This same priest says Mass daily.
On Holy Week Fr. Martin preached on the suffering our Lord endured in Gethsemane and Calvary in bearing our sins and becoming our Paschal Lamb.
He has no sense of the enormity of his sin in attending this filthy Met Gala.

The late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said that we are unable to grasp the Bible's condemnation of homosexuality (Romans 1:26-27 for instance) unless we first recognize that homosexual acts are unnatural.
Anal sex is dangerous as well as repugnant and leads to infection, STDs and reduced life expectancy.
Women should not engage in it any more than men.

Can I recommend an online article?
'Satan's War on Marriage' by Jim Brooks of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW).

We are facing another Dark Age.
We need to put on 'the full armour of God' as St. Paul tells us.

Melanie said...

I got suspended from Twitter for using the word sodmite as well, back in November maybe. I figured I’d feel like every post I made not using the word sodomite was bowing to the power of Twitter so I deleted my account.