Thursday, 24 August 2017

Homosexuality and Justin Trudeau: He needs our prayers not praise from churchmen

Justin Trudeau at the Montreal "Gay Pride Parade"  
Has he become mentally unstable? 

I have excoriated Justin Trudeau a number of times on this blog. The Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau has distinguished himself in advocating for abortion and homosexuality. Trudeau even set about banning any Liberal who is pro-life for standing for Parliament.

Two very seriously mentally ill young men at the Montreal Gay Pride Parade. 
Such people need spiritual and psychological help, not encouragement to sin. 

Trudeau has and is militantly promoting homosexuality. 

On Sunday, August 20th, he marched in his third "gay pride" parade of the year. This coming weekend, in Ottawa, he will march in his fourth parade of the year. Will he be in Calgary the following week for his fifth? Why this obsession with the LGBT agenda? What interest would a father have in promoting unnatural sexual vice?  

One has to ask: is Justin Trudeau suffering from same-sex attraction?  Do not be naive, being married with children does not prevent a "man" from being a secret, practicing bisexual or homosexual. 

Whatever the reasons for Trudeau's marching in these parades, one thing is certain. He desperately needs our prayers.  Baptised a Catholic, Trudeau has completely repudiated the Faith of his fathers.

Trudeau with the openly homosexual Irish PM

However there is an even greater evil than Trudeau's behaviour. It is the  mixed signals that are being sent from churchmen. 

These poor deranged lesbians need our prayers

Whilst he has been admonished at least twice by His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins for supporting abortion and promoting euthanasia, he has also been given Holy Communion by Montreal's Cardinal Lacroix this year. This action by Lacroix is not only a spiritual crime, but a public insult to Cardinal Collins. Lacroix is implying that Cardinal Collins was wrong to excoriate Trudeau. We have an undeclared war in Canada between churchmen, which the devil loves, and promotes. 

"Praying" between "gay pride parades"? 
How can you be so naive, Fr.Rosica?

A separate issue is Fr. Thomas Rosica. The Vatican attache and English language spokesman has a history of praising Justin Trudeau. The praise continues unabated, sycophantic, groupie-like. Fr. Rosica would do well to re-examine his support for Trudeau. 

Trudeau's First 2017 gay pride parade in Toronto: Notice the small crowd?
Yet we are told 1,000,000 attended!

Pray for Justin Trudeau that he repent and return to the Church.

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