Thursday, 17 August 2017

HOMOSEXUAL INFILTRATION: the takeover of the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province

The homosexual takeover of the Dominicans and the Jesuits is well known. 

Standing on tip-toes, James Martin S.J, excitedly addresses
the Franciscan controlled church in NYC about homosexuality 

Today we shall deal with the homosexual takeover of the Franciscans, and the very serious problem of homosexuality and "gay liberation" ideology being promoted by that Order.  

Ramoncito Razon 

"St. Francis of Assisi LGBT Ministry" is a major propaganda arm of the Holy Name Province that promotes homosexuality as an "alternate lifestyle". 

Ramoncito Razon, who "works at the Franciscan Friars of the Holy Name Province" is an example of a militant homosexualist. His pro-homosexual stridency is open and aggressive. Obviously he has the approval of the Holy Name Province.

Not only that, but he stridently support New Ways Ministry and other openly dissenting groups. Razon displays a hatred for "Courage" (the Catholic ministry to people suffering from same-sex attraction), calling the apostolate a "pathology". Razon,  wants to "sue" them.

But wait, there is more. Meet the Franciscan, Christian Seno. 

Seno is, according to his Facebook page a "transgender" advocate. Along with Razon, Seno displays a hatred towards "Courage". He wants the Catholic apostolate to be "denounced", and "outlawed". 

Franciscan, Christian Seno 

We can ask Ramoncito Razon: do you self-identify as homosexual? We can ask Christian Seno: do you self-identify as homosexual? 

Razon & Seno persecuting the Catholic apostolate, "Courage" 

I already presented to readers the strange case of Franciscan "postulant", Loren Moreno. 

Ramoncito Razon, along with Loren Moreno, seem to be two tortured souls deeply confused about their sexual identity. They do not belong in the priesthood. Men who hate absolutely have no call. They need spiritual and psychological counseling. 

The same cannot be said of the leading Franciscan Friars who openly promote homosexuality. These are evil men, sodomites, who serve the devil and seek to destroy the Church as they live their gnostic homoerotic pagan "religion".

Just how many more Judas priests are in the Franciscans? 


Anonymous said...

James Martin on his tip toes, Sure sign of one big poofter, he will be doing a tip toe dance when he descends into Hell if he does not repent.

M. Prodigal said...

"Together on the bridge" to hell perhaps! St. Francis would have kicked all these sodomites out immediately.

Marcellina said...

O my Jesus forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell ... lead all souls to Heaven ESPECIALLY those most in need of Thy Mercy.

cogito said...

Meanwhile, back at Headquarters:

Unknown said...

Oh wow, this is a very interesting article. What makes you think that you call the shots on vocation? Why do you get to say who deserves to be a priest and who doesn’t? I’m pretty sure God didnt appoint you as the official vocational director to His church. There have been gay men and women in the church, since the beginning of the church. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated this post. Not for the blatant homophobia, but because I was totally unaware of how much the Franciscans were doing to welcome the LGBT community. As an openly gay catholic who is discerning with St. John the Baptist province, I wanted to say thanks and to let you know that I'll be doing my part to spread God's unconditional love to everyone including the LGBT community in my province. God Bless!

Barona said...

Tim Walter,

The Church, through canon Law decides. So, you are correct, I do not decide. The Popes have spoken authoritatively regarding admitting to ordination those who are homosexual, those who promote the "gay culture". There have been homosexual men and women in the Church, indeed. There have also been adulterers, murderers, thieves in the Church. That is why Our Lord came, for sinners - and that includes homosexuals. Homosexuals are called to chastity. You are silent about this very crucial point. How crucial? The soul of the homosexual is at stake. Each and every homosexual act is intrinsically evil, and a grave sin against chastity. You are silent on that point.

As to homosexuals (obviously we are speaking about chaste homosexuals) being ordained - NO! Suffering from same-sex attraction is a psychological struggle and a cross for the chaste homosexual. The seminary, an all male environment is a very unhealthy place for a man who has same-sex attraction to be.

Tim, please pray for those suffering from same-sex attraction, that they be chaste. St. Charles Lwanga, pray for us!

Unknown said...

Oh I pray for the souls of my gay brethren, just as I pray for the souls of those who consistently steriotyoe sexuality as a burden to be carried (@you all). It is meant to be expressed. I do agree with the idea that we are called to non-genital expression of sexuality before marriage, but I recognized gay unions as legitimate marriages. The Catholic Church has never officially said “No” to gay marriages- they have simply only affirmed straight marriages. There is a wide possibility that other forms of marriage will be okay-ed in the Church, hopefully in my lifetime. As for gay priests, chastity is chastity. Just because gay men are attracted to men, DOES NOT mean that they can’t live out chastity in seminary. This virtue is a struggle for any and all who pursue it, straight priests included. Do not think that just because someone is heterosexual that they have it easier in some way. There have been thousands upon thousands of gay men and women who have lived holy lives within religious orders and within dioceses. Sexuality is not a black and white issue, so don’t think like it is one ;)

Barona said...

Tim, please read Scared Scripture.

For example:

“Have you not read that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female? (Mt.19:4).”

No Tim, you are wrong in your logic regarding the Church affirming "gay unions". If you read the above link, you will see the reasons why. People with same-sex attraction are called to live chastely. If they do, their reward will be great in Heaven.

Yes, sexuality is meant to be expressed within marriage, but no, sexuality is not meant to be expressed outside of marriage. Homosexual practices are objectively always gravely sinful. I will pray for you and I aks all readers of this blog to pray for you.

Unknown said...

OH LAWD!! Thank you so much for your prayer! I can always use some divine intervention in my life, so keep hitting the big dude upstairs on my behalf. Anyways, I never said that the Church affirmed same-sex unions, please re-read my previous comment more carefully. As for sexuality, it can be expressed in many ways outside of marriage- through art, poetry, and even just intimacy among friends. Sexuality is not strictly a genital encounter. There is power behind physical attractions that can be channeled into many aspects of life. I’m curious, do you believe that “homosexual acts” are somehow more sinful than “heterosexual acts” outside of marriage? I don’t see how they could be any different from each other, so why put such an emphasis on it without including the latter of the sins? I look forward to hearing back from you my (possibly sexually) confused friend! As always, you are in my prayers...

Unknown said...

Just because this document was released by the congregation of the faith does not mean it will remain the Church's position forever. Any position the Church officially supports is open to change upon the finding of new evidence (example: heliocentrism vs. geocentrism).
Also sexuality is not meant to be expressed outside of marriage? We practice sexuality in our lives everyday simply because it is a part of our conscious minds and our actions are either consciously or subconsciously affected by them. How can one form a healthy and sustainable marriage if a part of oneself is hidden away during dating (the period in which two people discern if they have a vocation to the married life with that particular partner)? Is dating even an option in your view, Barona?

Barona said...

Tim, I stated you were wrong in your logic. You want "there is a wide possibility that other forms...will be ok-ed". That is why I ask you to read - carefully the link above otherwise we are going in circles. Marriage is between one man and one woman; there are no other forms possible. This not about feelings, it is not what I or you want, it is about reality, it is about you and me conforming our minds to the Mind of Christ.

As to homosexual acts being more sinful. I would recommend you going over to Fr. Z's blog to read the answer to that question. If you have read this blog carefully, you will notice that we have been very consistent in identifying the profanation of marriage as a major driving force for the spread of sexual perversion. Contraception certainly was and is a huge force that implicitly promotes sodomy.

Barona said...

Tim, I strongly recommend the following website:

Joseph, as a chaste man who led a active homosexual lifestyle is the "go to" man for those who struggle with same-sex attraction, yet wish to follow Christ and therefore remain chaste. There is no doubt that same-sex attraction is a cross; but we are all given different crosses, we do not chose, or it is not a cross. But if we take up our cross, daily, and follow Him, we shall all meet happily in Heaven. I pray for you,a holy Lent.

Barona said...

Emman, we speaking here of Faith and Morals, not science which always changes and is by nature skeptical. If you read the document, you would see that the Church's position is that of Christ. Homosexual acts are condemned by Sacred Scriptures as depraved. Sacred Scritures, the Fathers, moral theology condemn homosexual acts as always and everywhere without exception as grave sins against chastity. Certainly, a homosexual who is addicted to sodomy may be subjectively less culpable, but objectively each sin is grave.

As to fornication: it is always and everywhere a grave sin, as it removes Jesus Christ from the Marital Act. But this is not the issue being discussed: we are discussing the morality of homosexual practices. Moses, St. Paul, St. Jude condemn sodomy in very strict words. Nature (or science, if you like) condemns sodomy. The anus is not for the conception of a baby. Homosexuals try to hide from the public what they do. But homosexual activity needs to be discussed: rimming, fisting, felching, golden showers,oral and anal sodomy are all horrifying acts that degrade the human person. These acts are not normal. Who would want to eat feces, be urinated on, have someone thrust their fist into their anus? To try to compare such behaviour to the chaste Union between husband and wife is truly perverse. Sodomy - as Scripture teaches - is one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

Unknown said...

If God didn't want me to put things up my anus, why did he create prostate orgasms? Food for thought.

Barona said...

Pedophiles have orgasms too, does that make it right, or from God? God created the human body to honour Him. The human body was not created for abuse.

Unknown said...

This is one reason why there is a vocation crisis in america. Many young men including myself do not want to enter seminaries where there is a homosexual culture. I found out that many seminaries and religious orders are nothing more than homosexual clubs.

Unknown said...

Here is a theological puzzle. How do you maintain the vow or promise of chastity in a religious order or secular priesthood setting if you are living an active homosexual lifestyle?

Tomas said...

Love your comments Tim. I say to those others who are judging gay people: “do not judge and you won’t be judged” and “he who is without sin cast the first stone”. All this stuff above is just spreading hatred through the community.
I am not gay. Do so many of you think that gay people choose to be gay??? they don’t!