Friday 4 August 2017

George Weigel falls into Antonio Spadaro's trap

George Weigel is no intellectual match for Antonio Spadaro S.J.

As I predicted from the outset, Fr. Spadaro's article was a very carefully crafted essay, with no "mistakes". Fr. Spadaro knew exactly what he was doing. 

He knows how deeply Americanism runs in the DNA of the Catholic Church in America.  Fr. Spadaro only threw the bone and the dogs come running. More will come. 

George Weigel, in a neo-con, Americanist, counter-attack against Fr. Spadaro ends up flailing at air. Weigel, a liberal (paradoxically like Spadaro), reveals his deeply set Americanist mind set. 

Readers should be aware that Weigel, a hard-core neo-con war-monger, excoriated Pope John Paull II for the now sainted Pope's warning against the 1st Iraq War. Weigel is part of the neo-con Beltway establishment connected to jet-setting, upper-tax bracket figures, who has amassed a small fortune on the licensing of his biography of the late, Polish Pope. 

Weigel recently tried to twist the staunchly anti-liberal and anti-Americanist Leo XIII into a liberal like himself. 

Well, a huge victory for Fr. Spadaro. 


Homer said...

These are only ad hominem arguments against Weigel. Is that all that you can do? So then Weigel must be right.

Barona said...


You write; "Is that all that you can do"? Sounds like an ad hominem attack to me. I am afraid you will have to do better than that to disprove my thesis that Spadaro constructed his article to smoke out Americanists. The fact remains: Spadaro is under intense attack from Americanists.

John Keenan, OPL said...

Spadaro is a mediocre intellectual ideologue flailing against Americans thinking he is trapping what you call “Americanists.” Weigel is no neocon. He is a Catholic who is a patriot.

Barona said...

Unfortunately, Spadaro easily outclasses Weigel, who, incidentally, for decades has consistently been a loyal servant of the neocon movement. Anyone who reads Weigel's strange political theory, observes with whom he associates, sees a distinct pattern. Weigel is a social Modernist, of which Pius XI denounced as strongly as doctrinal modernism, because ultimately social ideas are founded on doctrine.

As to his "patriotism", that is for Americans to decide. As an outside observer, I only see the United States (dominated by political Zionism - which Weigel supports) under the neocons engaging in a series of constant wars.