Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good promote homosexual perversion as Holy Matrimony

This blog will be publishing DMs between Christopher J Hale, Executive Director of "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good", in which he accuses "Always Catholic" on Twitter of "...being on crack" for asking questions about his organization and its dissent. We will be dealing with this disgusting man and his vile group tomorrow. Be prepared. 

For now, we will publish screen shots that exposes this group as militant supporters of the perverted vice of homosexuality.

Arthur Fitzmaurice, a Staff member of "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good", is a well known supporter of homosexual dissident groups and on record as calling Catholic teaching on homosexuality "gravely evil". 

This blog exposed Fitzmaurice's interview with homosexualist Jesuit, Jason Welle last year, when the latter rejoiced with fellow Jesuits over the US Supreme Court ruling in favour of the horrid abomination of so-called "same sex marriage". 

Here we publish a screen shot of Fitzmaurice with two "men", allegedly engaged to be "married". 

Fitzmaurice, is known for raging against the Catholic Church for defending the sanctity of Holy Matrimony and condemning unnatural sexual vice as intrinsically disordered. The Catholic Church, for condemning oral, anal and other grotesque unnatural sexual sins is, according to Fitzmaurice, "gravely evil".

Lo and behold, this same Fitzmaurice is a staff member for the "Catholic Alliance for the Common Good"

Here we have Fitzmaurice being interviewed by rabid pro-homosexualist dissenter, Jason Welle S.J. 

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