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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Gulf States manipulate crisis, while migrants burn religious icons as firewood in Greece

Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavryta

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, all enablers of ISIS, are also the masterminds behind the recent mass flow of migrants from Syria into Europe. As central and eastern Europe buckle under the social, demographic and economic disaster of this mass dumping of hundreds of thousands onto European shores; the puppeteers behind all this remains the vile Turks, Saudis and other super wealthy Gulf States that seek to destabilize Europe, perhaps to change the very face of Europe. Perhaps it is time to shine the spotlight on these vicious provocateurs?

Polonia Christiana carries some details of the actions of migrants in Greece. The situation is not pretty. One is forced to wonder why the extraordinarily wealthy Saudis refuse to take any of their co-religionists?

In Piraeus and in the vicinity where there are immigrants - Moslems are removing wooden icons from the walls of unattended churches and kindle the fire on cold nights. The Icons, sometimes historic, are being treated like pieces of dry wood! This is only a portion of scandalous, anti-Christian behavior of Muslim immigrants in the Balkans. 

In the port town of Piraeus, as the clergy reported, immigrants demanded that the cross be removed from one of the churches! In Kavala, in northern Greece, the immigrants removed the bell from the local orthodox church and demanded that the local authorities do not permit its use. 

In another Greek town, immigrants from the Middle East distributed leaflets in which one could read: "Greeks believe the words of Muhammad, and you may be able to save yourselves and your families. The war came to your country. Now, blood will flow like a river! "

Authorities in Athens have been sharply criticized the Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavryta. The prelate believes that the authorities are extremely passive, and the effect of their attitude will be their conquest of Greece by immigrants. 

"I blame both our political left and right. Representative of this attitude a couple of days ago it was said that with the help of immigrants the demographic crisis in Greece will be solved once and for all! I hope it is not only for us, that in this matter the authorities can be so incomprehensible and take the side of immigrants. Today our invaders", said the outraged Metropolitan Ambrose.

(Original article in Polish from Polonia Christiana may be read here. Translation by Toronto Catholic Witness. You may use our translation freely, but you must credit us). 


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