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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Pope Benedict XVI celebrates his 89th birthday today ~ ad multos annos !

The great Pontiff who blessed Christ's Church with Summorum Pontificum turns 89 years old today.

During this time of great crisis, let us recall the holy Pope's words:   

The processes of secularization and a widespread nihilistic mentality in which all is relative have deeply marked the common mindset... individualism and relativism seem to dominate the minds of many of our contemporaries, it cannot be said that believers are completely immune to these dangers, with which we are confronted in the transmission of the faith....Christians often do not even know the central core of their own Catholic faith, the Creed, so that they leave room for a certain syncretism and religious relativism, blurring the truths to believe in as well as the salvific uniqueness of Christianity. The risk of fabricating, as it were, a “do-it-yourself” religion is not so far off today. Instead we must return to God, to the God of Jesus Christ, we must rediscover the Gospel message and make it enter our consciences and our daily life more deeply. (October 17, 2013)

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