Wednesday 11 November 2015

Is the Bishop of Rome preparing us for Holy Communion for adulterers?

Dear readers: popes have fallen into error and heresy in the past. It is always a danger. From Wednesday, November 11, 2015, we have this. Let us just place to one side, - if it be possible ! - the heavily protestant tinged "meal" aspect, and just concentrate on the key words that strongly suggest that the Bishop of Rome will come out in favour of Christological heresy in the near future. This strange address, coupled with two years of confusion, obfuscation, evasion on upholding without any ambiguity Familiaris Consortio leads to the inevitable question that we have to begin to ask, though it pains us greatly to do so. Pope Francis: are you an adulterist? 

From Pope Francis: 

Dear Brothers and Sisters:  In our continuing catechesis on the family, today we consider the importance of togetherness.  Sitting at table for the family dinner, sharing our meal and the experiences of our day, is a fundamental image of togetherness and solidarity.  Because Jesus gave us the Eucharist as a meal, there is a close relationship between families and the Mass.  The togetherness we experience in our families is meant, in the family of the Church, to extend to all as a sign of God’s universal love.  In this way the Eucharist becomes a school of inclusion, in which we learn to be attentive to the needs of everyone.  Sadly, the family meal, this great symbol of togetherness, is disappearing in some societies.  Food itself, the very sign of our sharing with other, is wantonly wasted in some places, while our brothers and sisters go hungry in others.  The Eucharist reminds us that our bread is meant to be shared with all.  May our families, and the entire Church, be signs of togetherness and solidarity for the good of the whole human family, especially during the coming Jubilee of Mercy.

UPDATE: [2015-11-12; 4:57 p.m.]  Fr. Raymond de Souza, writing in the Catholic Herald confirms that all the signs point towards a break with Catholic doctrine and the Pope permitting Holy Communion for the divorced and civilly "remarried".  When this happens, we have a Pope who has fallen into material heresy. We will have a Pope, visibly and canonically head of the Church, but spiritually not part of the Church. 


bvs said...

Wow Martin Luther would have been proud of the pope. Communion as a meal was pivotal to him.

Clearly this pope does not see the mass as a re enactment of it

Of course this approach seas communion as symbolic. And as a family event like dinner oral

James Joseph said...

Bvs, let us never forget that Fr. Luther wasn't even a professing Christian, with his Christ is not a person but a composite of an evil divine force and a good divine force, and all matter is evil, and so is everyone in Heaven, and his Christ is not God but totally separate and opposed to God, since God is not good but bad. So yeah.

Kathleen1031 said...

God help us if we do not see a major outcry, most notably from the Bishops. We need a huge response. This is where the laity will play a part. We must have our donnybrooks as well, for to be silent in the face of papal heresy would be to show lack of love for God and would also undermine our faithful bishops.

Anonymous said...

That a Pope who materially falls into heresy is no longer spiritually part of the Church is, I think, against what the theologians say on the subject. That a Pope who formally falls into heresy is no longer spiritually part of the Church, but remains canonically the Head of the Church (at least for some time) is only one thesis among many, and one of the least probable according to Bellarmine.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Sorry I read Fr. Raymond de Souza's article, which is based on a General Audience that Pope Francis gave on Aug. 5, 2015. So I read the general audience. Pope Francis is talking about reintegrating divorced remarried into the church for the sake of the children who are suddenly jerked out of it by their parents because they perceive themselves to be persona non grata in the Catholic Church. No where does he mention giving them communion, which in fact he has said (two years ago) that he cannot.

"Hence the repeated invitations of Pastors to manifest openly and consistently the community’s willingness to receive and encourage them (divorced remarried), so that they live and develop increasingly their belonging to Christ and to the Church with prayer, with listening to the Word of God, with frequenting of the liturgy, with the Christian education of the children, with charity and service to the poor, with commitment to justice and peace." This is how Pope Francis says in the Aug. 5 audience that the divorced remarried are to be reintegrated. This is not giving them Holy Communion.

Jesus Christ said He would be with the Church until the end of time. If Francis really wants to change church teaching, which I sincerely doubt, I am sure Our Lord will not permit it. God bless you. Susan Fox

Barona said...

We must be reading a different article. Fr. de Souza is pointing out that Antonio Spadaro S.J., is an adulterist, that he is the Pope's confidant and that the evidence is highly suggestive that the Pope's thinking is in sync with Spadaro. Why ever retain him as Editor-in-Chief of La Civilta Cattolica? What Pope would want a material heretic; a man who is promoting a "serious Christological heresy" (the very words of Cardinal Muller) as editor in Chief of what has always been considered the Pope's unofficial newspaper?

Another thing: we have to take very, very seriously Fr. de Souza's reflections. This is a prominent priest, a thoughtful man who is not prone to rash judgment.

The Pope has refused for over two years to clarify the situation. The Final Relatio can be read both ways. This is terrible. What kind of theology is it where one can argue two and two is four, but also not four? The Pope is allowing the Church to fall into chaos. This itself is very sinful. It would take him less time to reaffirm Familiaris Consortio - without any ambiguity (e.g. "people in second "civil marriages" as the Church has always taught, may not receive Holy Communion")than to read this comment. But he refuses to reaffirm the doctrine. I ask all those is that Catholic, is that fatherly, is that loving towards a confused world that seeks truth?

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Barona, Well, you have good points, but I don't buy the pope hangs out with hoods (criminals) argument, therefore he is going to give communion to divorced remarried. He eats and drinks with sinners, no doubt, but so did Jesus Christ. We certainly can't judge what he is up to. Based on his talks, his concerns seem to be for the children of divorced couples. That's why he has clearly said divorced remarried are not excommunicated. His concern is valid. All that stuff where his atheist friend said the pope told him he would give communion to any divorced remarried, who ask for it -- that's hearsay. It wouldn't hold up in a court of law. The German cardinals said the pope approved their heretical comments, and then two years later said he didn't. I think the world is getting snowed by the liberals.

However, specifically re: Antonio Spadaro. We have noticed in the past that both Benedict and John Paul II have put liberals in charge of important tasks, I suppose with the purpose of changing their minds. Pope Benedict put San Francisco Archbishop William Levada in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith until 2012. He was liberal, very liberal. But once he got to the CDF he had to write letters to his liberal compatriots in the U.S. and tell them to fly straight. This was an excellent strategy. Pope Benedict probably saved his soul.

The Final Relatio was approved by the whole synod. I don't know that Francis gets a vote on that one. It's disappointing that they couldn't weed out the 3 vague paragraphs, but the rest of the document was stellar. And maybe in their minds they thought if we have paragraph 83 where we clearly say chaste divorced faithful to their marriage vows can receive communion and we don't say the same thing in paragraph 84 where we discuss remarried divorced, people will get the message without us being rude. LOL This is the pastoral synod. There probably are priests who have thundered the accusation of "sinner!" at some poor person. I find this behavior more common among liberals. I had a priest who wouldn't say Mass for my miscarried baby because he feared I believed in Limbo. He didn't even ask me! I would have said, "No, Limbo means on the line, that is we don't know what happens to unbaptized babies, but the New Catholic Catechism says we trust in the mercy of God in these cases. I still want a Mass said for my baby!"

Another talk Pope Francis gave recently to Italians is also supposed to justify the belief that he is going to give communion to divorced remarried, and all that one said is pastors need to preach Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ crucified -- the kerygma. That was a sermon against liberals. They are the ones who don't preach Christ! Instead they tell baseball stories or rehash posts from Guidepost all to tell us the gospel doesn't matter. The pope said two years ago no communion for divorced. He has spoken out against same sex "marriage," called abortion the death penalty for the unborn, spoken about the sanctity of marriage and decried the selfishness of adults raising children in same sex unions or in a divorce. I can't believe he will give communion to divorced remarried. I read an article some months back where the pope explained he didn't want to give communion to divorced remarried, he just wanted some new pastoral approaches to reintegrate them into the Church. In the Synod, he wanted everyone to have their say, heretics or whatever, and that's what he got, but he got basically a good document out of it. Now we wait, some not so patiently, for what he will do. :) God bless you. Susan Fox