Saturday, 10 October 2015

BOMBSHELL! PRO-HOMOSEXUAL propaganda was ALLOWED to be distributed at the Synod

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki continues his valiant defense of Holy Mother Church by informing us that during the Afternoon Session of October 7th, 2015, the bishops in his Group noted that pro-homosexual propaganda was being distributed at the Synod. 

Who is allowing this? 

How did this pro-homosexual propaganda get in? 

Just who are the homosexualists in the Vatican? Are they practicing homosexuals? 

Are they Cardinals? Archbishops? Are they bishops,  mid-level homosexual infiltrators like the self-outed Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa? 

Just how many are involved in this powerful, malignant homo-lobby? 

Catholics have a right to know!

The screenshot of the Archbishop's blog: 

Toronto Catholic Witness translation:

"One of the Catholic publications that was distributed during the Synod, was written by women theologians justifying homosexual unions" 

Please pray for the Church during this dark hour


Muscle Obsessive said...

Why do you think so many supposedly educated people at the synod would be susceptible to 'homosexual propaganda' even if it were distributed?

You don't think they see and hear this stuff every day anyway?

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to our belief in the Holy Spirit?

Jonah said...

It's very significant that church feminists were identified as the homo promoters. Homosexualization is a consequence of the emascualtion and feminization of the church. We must get to the roots in order to expunge this evil.

XFitr4Life said...

Being exposed to the homosexual lie on a daily basis is one thing. Dignifying the lie by allowing it to be round-tabled for discussion at the Synod on the Family is quite another. These prelates have an obligation to uphold timeless Truth and simply reassert this teaching. How hard can that be for "educated" individuals???