Thursday 22 October 2015

Canadian Prisoner of Conscience still in jail ~ Linda Gibbons has been in prison for seven weeks for opposing abortion: a "holocaust on a global scale"

Linda (centre) with dear friends

Linda Gibbons dwells in jail, in the Vanier Centre for Women a few miles from Toronto, in the town of Milton, Ontario. She has been in prison since September 2nd. New visitors to this blog will be asking themselves: what did she do? It must be quite serious. Yes, it is serious, very, very serious. Linda is being held in jail for opposing abortion. the Canadian State will not brook any opposition to the killing of babies. On September 2nd, for about two hours, she quietly walked on a sidewalk outside an abortion facility with a sing that read: "Why mom, when I have so much love to give"? Not speaking, quietly, slowly, Linda paced back and forth. Shortly after 11 a.m., she was handcuffed and driven in a police cruiser to the local Station, charged and booked. Later she was transferred to Vanier, and dwells there ever since.

This past Monday, October 19th while Canada lived through the fantasy of "democracy", by staging an election, Linda continued to dwell in prison, a victim of conscience; jailed for proclaiming the truth about the dignity of human life. In my own Riding, in the west-end of Toronto, where numerous Catholic churches populate the landscape, two militant pro-abortion candidates battled it out. The entire election evolved around secondary issues; money, jihad and so forth. The true election issue: the right to life was ignored in the main. Standout opponent of the culture of death was Jason Kenny who tried valiantly to raise the alarm against the encroaching "legalization" of euthanasia. Alas, Jason is a voice crying in the Canadian wilderness. 

By the time the night drew on, every single elected member of Parliament was pro-abortion - in a city that is heavily "Catholic". As Canadians congratulated themselves on "participating" in "democracy", Linda after an evening of quite prayer, and no doubt helping the women in her maximum security Range, settled down to sleep in her small cell. 

Please pray for Linda as she will be having another hearing this coming Tuesday, October 27th at the College Park Courts in downtown Toronto via video at 9 a.m., where those living in Toronto should make an effort to attend.

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