Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Friday, 26 June 2015

St. Pope John Paul II: "same-sex marriage" is an "ideology of evil"

It is worth recalling to mind those famous words of our late Holy Father, recently raised to the Altar as a saint. 

The abomination, the profanation of holy and chaste wedlock by this horrible and diabolical caricature of true love, is " an ideology of evil".  It was inevitable that this horror would become "law". Since the Fall, concupiscence of the flesh has always existed. Since the French Revolution a false sense of liberty opened the floodgates to divorce, which led to the glorification of infidelity. Soon, fornication joined adultery as "progressive" lifestyles. Once the Pill (the unholy separation of love and life) became accepted, the way open was to kill the unborn in the womb. During this times, sexual license exploded (as predicted by Paul VI in Humanae Vitae) and unnatural sexual acts began to be heard of more and more. The decision by the US |Supreme Court to declare (in effect) that two and two do not make four, is merely a de facto recognition of a society gone mad with impure lust. America, let us recall is heavily addicted to pornography, adultery and fornication are rife, and birth control pills are consumed like candies by lustful, debauched women pandering to lustful and lecherous men. 

What is needed now is a great push for purity. For Catholics to begin believing and living pure lives. May Catholic women discard their immodest clothing; why dress in a manner that would make a prostitute from a few years back blush? May Catholic men seriously take up lives of sober purity, rejecting these impure and lustful women. 


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Aloysius Gonzaga said...

Did JPII really say all that? What is the source? This does not sound like him.

Barona said...

The Holy Father, in his last book referred indeed to this abomination as an "ideology of evil".